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By 2013 Gartner predicts that 61% of server workloads will be running in virtual machines. Server virtualisation - a technique of running multiple combinations of applications and operating systems on a single computer - is set to become a de facto hosting technology for many years to come.

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Server virtualisation & datacentre services


What is server virtualisation

Server virtualisation allows you to convert one physical server into multiple virtual machines, meaning that hardware can be used more efficiently and resources can be dynamically allocated to applications based on demand. Virtual hosting allows each application to be run in a separate virtual server, leading to fewer servers, fewer racks, less power, reduced operating costs and an overall reduction in your IT footprint.

Now communications and data applications can reside on the same virtual servers, enabling you to get a lot more out of your virtualisation investment. We can help you virtualise your data and voice in one of our Datacentres, or help migrate your telecommunications system into the cloud. 

Server virtualisation

About our datacentre services

We offer a range of hosting solutions to meet all your specific business requirements. If you want to host your current server in one of our datacentres or are looking for a cloud hosted solution we can help.

Virtual Private Server Hosting (VPS Hosting) refers to the hosting of your server in a virtualised environment on a high powered enterprise class hardware infrastructure. Using virtualisation technology, we are able to provision multiple "virtual servers" in our cloud infrastructure.

Every cloud is physically located somewhere, the location is often something which is over-looked but is a critical element of hosting. Today latency has more impact on user experience than lack of bandwidth so it’s important to consider the location of your system relative to your users and applications.

The Britannic approach is to have multiple data centres within the UK both inside and outside the M25, all with Tier3+ Facilities and connectivity to most providers and datacentre locations in the UK.


Choose from our range of scalable co-located hosting solutions and rely on our engineers to support you every step of the way. Colocating your datacentre and storing your vital business data in a Tier3+ secure and resilient location, as opposed to locating it in offices or warehouses, ensures the safety of both the information and the equipment.


Dedicated hosting

AS VMware specialist providers, we’re able to offer our clients fully secure and managed hosting solutions using the latest VMware virtualisation technology to offer cloud based Infrastructure as a Service. Cloud virtualisation dramatically reduces the strain on our clients network infrastructure, by reducing the strain on their physical servers and IT resources.

We provide the whole spectrum of cloud communications and virtual server hosting solutions from shared hosting, dedicated hosting, managed hosting and cloud hosting, to allow our clients the exact solution for their business.

The business benefits of colocation and dedicated hosting

  • High levels of resilience and increased redundancy plus offsite back-up facilities
  • Save cost by reducing overheads and  saving time and resources for IT staff
  • Gain access to facilities/bandwidth options that may not normally be physically or financially feasible

What’s next for your business?

If you’re looking to virtualise your servers & telephone systems,  move them out of the office with a colocation service/dedicated hosting or implement a model that contains an element of each of these; As a VMware specialist provider and telephony expert we are well positioned to help you to spec out a solution that meets your exact business requirements.