About Britannic

Britannic is an award-winning, privately-owned value-added reseller and systems integrator established in 1984 in Guildford, Surrey. We collaborate with top vendors like 8x8, BT, Calabrio, Five9, Fortinet, Microsoft, Mitel, and Zoom, driving forward our vision of a connected, sustainable future through smart technology and talented people.

 More than just a reseller, Britannic stands out with in-house software development, innovation, best practice and professional services, enhancing our clients' operations. Our expert team specialises in business communications, contact centres, unified communications, networking, AI, automation, and systems integration, always prioritising value creation, risk mitigation, and strong, trust-based customer relationships.

At Britannic, we cultivate a supportive, innovative, and customer-focused culture. We value the development of our colleagues, offering extensive learning and growth opportunities within the company. Here, you're not just part of a team; you're part of a community dedicated to professional growth and excellence.

 We work closely with our customers and leading partners, understanding their needs to develop bespoke change strategies and technology solutions to achieve the competitive edge. If you're eager to join a team that champions innovation, customer success, and personal growth, Britannic welcomes you.

Main Responsibilities:

  • General organisation of sales office and sales support function.
  • Overseeing and assisting with the sales order validation and processing function.
  • Proactively support and collaborate with the Sales Team for the mutual benefit of Britannic.
  • Providing ad-hoc cover for Sales Team as required.
  • Assist Sales Team with collection and completion of internal information and tasks.
  • Supporting Sales Manager to accurately report against team opportunities and pipeline.
  • Reviewing and optimising processes and procedures.
  • Helping to identify and implement new processes / process change as required in support of continual improvement.
  • Collating and presenting weekly /monthly performance reports as required.
  • Implementing new reporting, monitoring and manage as required.
  • Attending monthly / weekly team / inter-departmental meetings as required.
  • Proactively liaising with customers and suppliers as required.
  • Monitoring and reporting contract renewals and overseeing process.
  • Collating and monitoring billing validation / reconciliation reports.
  • Collating and validating handover documentation and storing within structured document repository and CRM.
  • Acting as an escalation point.
  • Overseeing the department workload coordinating activities effectively.
  • Assign training programmes making sure the department is constantly upskilled.
  • Conducting one 2 ones with team members as required.
  • Quality and ISO Auditor – Training will be provided.
  • Manage and Motivate Sales Support Staff.
  • Conduct annual appraisals and create development programs.


  • 24 Days Leave.
  • PMI.
  • Pension.
  • Life Insurance.
  • Birthdays off.
  • Volunteering day off.

Apply for the role

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Apply for the role

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