About Britannic

Britannic is an award-winning, privately-owned value-added reseller and systems integrator established in 1984 in Guildford, Surrey. We collaborate with top vendors like 8x8, BT, Calabrio, Five9, Fortinet, Microsoft, Mitel, and Zoom, driving forward our vision of a connected, sustainable future through smart technology and talented people.

 More than just a reseller, Britannic stands out with in-house software development, innovation, best practice and professional services, enhancing our clients' operations. Our expert team specialises in business communications, contact centres, unified communications, networking, AI, automation, and systems integration, always prioritising value creation, risk mitigation, and strong, trust-based customer relationships.

At Britannic, we cultivate a supportive, innovative, and customer-focused culture. We value the development of our colleagues, offering extensive learning and growth opportunities within the company. Here, you're not just part of a team; you're part of a community dedicated to professional growth and excellence.

 We work closely with our customers and leading partners, understanding their needs to develop bespoke change strategies and technology solutions to achieve the competitive edge. If you're eager to join a team that champions innovation, customer success, and personal growth, Britannic welcomes you.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Provide technical leadership in developing the VMware Platform and associated virtual technologies utilised by Britannic Technologies.
  • Take ownership of the day-to-day maintenance of the virtual platform and related datacentre hardware, including SAN and NAS storage devices.
  • Maintain and update the backup solution for the Virtual infrastructure (Veeam Backup and Replication).
  • Schedule and perform regular firmware updates to all virtual infrastructure hardware and, where applicable, software version upgrades.
  • Provide and maintain a Datacentre Asset Management System ensuring that all assets are recorded and updated/removed when required.
  • Provide guidance and training on the VMware platform and Microsoft productivity suite, ensuring users have the competence to perform tasks within their assigned ‘role-based access’ constraints.
  • Ensure monitoring of platform services is working and accurately defined based on appropriate alerting thresholds.
  • Produce detailed monthly reporting on platform state and health, including project progress and technological direction.
  • To take the lead in the planning and implementation of technical projects, both internally for Britannic Technologies and for customer deployments.
  • Maintain a high standard of technical knowledge through the ability to learn new skills quickly and efficiently, obtaining and renewing qualifications where required.
  • Produce, update, and review departmental policies and procedures in line with ISO requirements.
  • Offer technical support to internal Britannic users and, where necessary, external customers via the CRM ticketing system.
  • Author, and remain responsible for a detailed suite of documentation for the purposes of project handover to both clients and management.
  • Maintain in-depth knowledge and records in relation to assigned projects, providing prompt and accurate information, advice, and guidance to colleagues and Clients.
  • Contribute to the strategic direction of Britannic Technologies including the development of roadmaps, and strategy templates.
  • Implement the Microsoft productivity suite within Britannic to enhance productivity, communication, and collaboration in both personal and professional settings.
  • Manage and administer some elements of M365 such as SharePoint, Forms, OneDrive, and Teams.
  • Building custom business applications, workflows, and data visualisations using the Power Platform tools such as Power Automate, and Power BI.
  • Design and develop Microsoft productivity suite solutions that automate processes, streamline data analysis, and create user-friendly applications.


  • 24 Days Leave.
  • PMI.
  • Pension.
  • Life Insurance.
  • Birthdays off.
  • Volunteering day off.

This Job description is not exhaustive but outlines the main requirements. 


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