Is your business ready to step into the future?

Ami is a revolutionary Conversational AI that works alongside your team as a sales agent and customer service representative. She learns from having real conversations with customers and grows more intelligent with every interaction, responding fast and accurately to web enquiries. Set up on your website with only 12 lines of code, Ami will instantly begin to sell for you as if she had always been part of your company. Her aim is to not replace existing employees, but instead to bolster sales, lead generation and customer service by complementing your existing team.

Ami has inbuilt analytics dashboards whose data you can harness to help shape her behaviour and your sales or customer service strategies. Available 24/7 and always on hand, Ami could become your best agent yet.

artificial intelligence conversations with Ami

Why choose Ami?

  • Natural conversation rather than pre-programmed chatbot answers
  • Ami develops a style derived from your corporate tone.
  • Ami learns with every conversation 
  • She understands multiple questions at once, conversation-in-a-conversation and context.
  • Ami doesn't need energy drinks to pull all-nighters, she is awake and focused 24/7, 365 days a week.
  • Ami not only improves quality of leads through her own verifications methods, but she also prioritises leads.
  • Ami increases sales through excellent customer service, knowledge and concurrent interaction handling.
  • Because Ami is an AI, her interactions are more natural and therefore more pleasant.
  • Ami thinks on her feet. When she cannot answer a question, she will ask an agent or simply divert the call to one of your team.
  • Amy improves the user journey across your website and reduces customer waiting time.
  • Simply add a tag like you would in any analytics programme to help Ami report back any interactions.
  • Ami is set up with only 12 lines of code!
  • Ami will read your entire website for fast responses to customer enquiries.

of customer interactions will take place without human interaction by 2020. (Gartner)

Money Conversational AI will save per year by 2022, up from £20m in 2017. (Juniper Research)

Percentage of customer interactions powered by AI in 2025 that will be indistinguishable from humans. (Servion)

Not sure Ami could work for you? We are.

"We already have web chat."

"We have a small website."

"We are not big enough for this."

"We aren't ready for AI yet."

Ami works best with human counterparts, taking away mundane and repetitive enquiries so agents can focus on more complex requests and provide a greater customer experience.

Ami can feed off hidden information so you won't need a full overhaul of your website. You can create hidden HTML pages in the back end of your site for Ami to digest.

Ami is 100% scalable, our per interactions pricing structure means that you only pay for the amount she is used.

AI is now, it's the future and it's only getting bigger. As Ami is very simple to set up and integrate within your operation, she is a great way to get started with AI.


Additional Ami key features

  • Live/post monitoring service
  • Dashboard for reporting, analytics and insights
  • Live 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Fully GDPR compliant - Data (chat transcripts, customer information) is stored securely
  • Seamless integration with your web platform and contact centre
  • Prioritises urgency from customer enquiries

Ami in action

Ami was implemented in December to help Cruise 1st deal with its website enquiries and leads. Needless to say, Ami performed above and beyond expectations:

15.38% increase in sales leads in 17 days in December 2017.

739% increase in engagement in the same period.

Customers subscribed to more newsletters.

Cruise 1st had to hire new staff in January to deal with Ami's leads.

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