Create value whilst making savings through Digital Transformation

Value for money and delivering a good service to your tenants are part of your obligation as a social landlord and so our business communication and IT solutions are tailored to meet your needs and heighten your tenants experience. We’ve undertaken many technology projects for customers and have a brilliant track record of delivering very good results in the Housing Sector.

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Housing Challenges and Opportunities

Britannic have been a trusted technology partner for housing associations, spanning over two decades and we’ve got an in-depth understanding of the key obstacles facing this sector, but also the key areas for growth. Below you'll find some of the biggest challenges our housing association partners have they sound familiar? We'll help you fix them.

housing association department communication
Repair and Maintenance

"We need a collaborative, automated way of maintaining our housing stock and a strategy to ensure stock condition data is updated regularly and on a continual, easy to access basis"

cross department communication challenges
Cross Dept. Comms

"We need better communication between departments and visable and transparent record and information sharing, we need help digitising our workforce to boost productivity"

rerouting and call screening issues
Rerouting and Screening

"Issues of call rerouting not only wastes our agents time, but also our tenants, we want to make sure tenants get through to the correct department the first time"

Tenant rent arrears problems
Tenant Rent Arrears

"A more sophisticated way of collecting rent but also making it easy for tenants to pay rent is a top priority, we waste time chasing via physical calls with lack of communications trail"

Customer Expectations Have Changed - The Ugly Truth


Feel lack of Omnichannel support

that it's rare or never even happens in the first place.


Want a Quick Resolution

and cited this as the most important element within customer service.


Want a Call Back

rather than wait in a queue or want the ability to request a call back.


Had a Good CX 

which means a staggering 81% of people surveyed had a bad customer experience.

Why Work with Britannic?

Official Procurement for Housing Supplier with over 15+ Years Experience

We work hand in hand with Procurement for Housing (PfH) members and leading technology partners to audit, maintain and develop your communications.

Tailored Solutions, Not One-Size-Fits All

We align communications solutions with your requirements, supported by agile roadmaps and 360 solutions from complementary partners.

Relationship and People Centric

Our most important partners are our customers and so we work as an extensions to your in-house team.

Continuous Help and Support

We're here for life. We'll be your partner not just for one project but will offer our continious support and update you with continual roadmapping, digial transformation and futurue proofing.

The Perfect Strategic Partner for Housing Associations

Head of ICT & Business Systems, Advance Housing

We decided to go with Britannic because we were confident that they could not only look after what we needed now, but are also the type of strategic partner we need for the future. The Project Manager has been excellent, keeping the project running smoothly, managing any difficulties and regularly communicating with us on progress.

A Deeper Look into the Housing Sector

5 Amazing Technologies for Housing Associations

It’s a sector where the demand far outpaces supply. As the cost of living continues to rise in the UK increasing pressure will be placed on housing associations to deliver affordable housing. We’ve been saying it for a long time, housing needs to go digital.

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A-class Solutions for Housing Associations

Demonstrating value for money is essential.You need integrated solutions that cut costs, whilst improving the experience for your tenants, maximising employee engagement and creating a platform for commercial growth and prosperity.

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Why Housing Associations need to rely more on Self–Serve

Digital transformation presents many opportunities for housing associations, enabling them to get the ball back in their court. With one of them being the technology to help introduce self-serve. Relieve the pressure that Housing Associations are already under.

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Deliver a Better Tenant and Employee Experience

Talk to us. Let's review how your business could digitise everyday business processes, integrate communications systems and applications, and future-proof its network.