8.30      Registration and Tech Talks

9.30      Opening Address – Jonathan Sharp

9.50      Beyond Mobile: Communications, AI and The Future – Mark Brill

10:30    Mitel - Joshua Haslett - Customer experience is the new competitve battleground

11:00    Coffee Break and Tech Talks

11:30    Avaya – Gregg Widdowson - What does a Truly Exceptional Customer Experience mean?

12:00    Maria McCann – User Experience - Deconstructing the Digital Employee experience -10 lessons in the good, the bad and the downright digital.

12:30     Jonathan Sharp – Deconstructing Digital Transformation

13:00     Lunch and Tech Talks

13:45     Morris Pentel  - Customer Experience - Deconstructing the Emotional Commotion

14:15     The Digital Transformation Journey Panel Debate (Chaired by Jonathan)

14:45     Seminars – Transcription, RPA, AI

15:30     Driving Experiences / Passenger Thrill Rides / Tech Talks / Networking

16:30     Close


Our insightful presentations are designed to stir your curiosity about specific technologies and services that can help your organisation improve its business processes, customer service through the contact centre and underlying network infrastructure.

In each session, expert speakers will discuss real-world issues, offer practical solutions and answer your questions.

Explore the presentations in more detail below!

Gregg Widdowson

Customer Engagement Solution Sales Leader
What does a Truly Exceptional Customer Experience mean?

Customer experience is often cited as the key enabler of competitive differentiation.  But what constitutes a truly exceptional customer experience; what differentiates one experience from another; why do so many organisations still battle to deliver an exceptional experience; and what do organisations need to do to get it right? These are just some of the questions addressed in this recent global research commissioned by Avaya and conducted by IDC and backed up with real customer use cases.

Joshua Haslett

Vice President of Strategic Innovation
Customer experience is the new competitive battleground.

To stay ahead, organisations must transform the way they engage with their customers to meet today’s expectations and to help establish a loyal and lasting relationship.   In this presentation, Mitel will demonstrate how it is helping organisations unlock the art of the possible for customer experience and gives businesses a new opportunity to respond to customers more quickly and with better insight with Google AI.

Jonathan Sharp

Marketing and Sales Director
Deconstructing Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is a competitive differentiator for organisations. Jonathan will take you on a journey of understanding what the true experience is today for your customers.  What services do you want to deliver and how are you going to measure the success of these services? How can you spot new opportunities, test out new agile technologies and get these technologies firmly embedded in your organisation and embraced by your users?

Mark Brill

Futurologist and Digital Expert

Beyond Mobile: Communications, AI and The Future

This keynote will take us on a journey looking at the impact of technology on communications from now into the near future and how we can plan for its future impact.

Maria McCann

Digital Experience Consultant

Deconstructing the Digital Employee experience

Learning from her time with ASOS, Spotify and other brands, Maria provides her top 10 lessons on how and how not to get the best out of employees when looking at the organisational wide digital offering.

Morris Pentel

Chairman, Customer Experience Foundation

Show Some Emotion

Morris will be talking about a completely new approach to understanding emotions and making that actionable across everyone in an operation from the contact centre to the digital experience.

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