We’ve been working, since the first reports of Covid-19 in January, to identify and evaluate the potential risks to our business, and to plan for any scenario where the spread of the virus may impact Britannic and our customers. We are encouraging all of our employees to follow Public Health England guidance to prevent the spread of viral infection. 

Continuity of Business Operations and Service/Supply to Customers 
  • Full Business Continuity Plans are in place (as standard) 
  • All areas within the business are covered 
  • 100% of our staff have the capability to work from home
  • Exercises have been carried out for those who do not normally work from home
  • All systems operationally and for support are hosted 

This work is being overseen at the highest level within Britannic and it includes working closely with our key partners and suppliers to ensure they have adequate procedures in place to maintain service and delivery. We are committed to maintaining all of our services. 

Things to Consider 

Business continuity planning is a crucial consideration for every business.   

Home working has become the norm across many businesses and is particularly valuable with regards to business continuity planning.   

Collaboration tools offering IM, presence, document sharing and audio/video conferencing also help to keep businesses operating effectively.  

Whilst this is ultimately a matter of human welfare, which outweighs any individual business concern, we hope that by working in partnership we’ll be able to minimise any impact. If we can assist, or you would like to discuss specific options for your business, please contact your account manager.   

The better prepared that we are, the more effectively we are able to manage situations, foreseen and unforeseen. 


Richard Dendle  

Managing Director