REWARDS is a tool which recognises high achievers as well as those who need further support.

Our gamification solution allows your business and contact centre to set appropriate targets and track the progress of any employee in any department. It's a useful tool that motivates employees to reach higher business objectives and equally reduces employee absenteeism and sick days/duvet days. Integrating with Mitel and Avaya contact centres, your CRMs, HR systems and 3rd party systems, REWARDS is the go-to solution for leveraging employee data and steering business efforts.

Gamification is a tool used to increase the benefits, well-being and motivation of staff. Game on.

REWARDS Fixes the Most Common Business Problems

Structured and Simple Employee Guidance and Support

REWARDS modernises the work environment and enables contact centre staff and managers visibility to their performance. Making it easier to understand key areas of training that need to be delivered to the team and individuals. REWARDS facilitates for employee development.

Sky-Rocket Employee Satisfaction

The average employee is estimated to take 7.4 sick days per year, whilst contact centre agents are absent roughly 8.2 days per year. REWARDS drastically reduces absenteeism averages through re-engaging bored and disengaged employees.

Increase Revenue through Up and Cross-Selling

Gamification is a new technology that unleashes your workforce potential. Drastically increase your revenue through upselling and cross-selling, with your new gamified environment, healthy competition translates into real, tangible results that will be felt across the organisation.

Analytical and Data-Driven Performance Metrics

With benchmarks and targets to meet, REWARDS enables you to easily feedback and reward your contact centre agents. The data will show where your employees are performing well and improvement areas; enabling you to encourage activities that drive sales, customer satisfaction and other success measures.


  • Individual, Team, Department or Company!
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly targets
  • Full-time, part-time, temps and team leaders can partake
  • Targets, objectives, goals, engagement, progress and performance
  • League Tables, Tournaments and Competitions
  • Align behavioural change and performance to data measurement
  • Check your progress via group wallboards, agent, team leader and executive dashboards – configured to suit audience 

The Features of REWARDS


Create healthy competition in your contact centre and drive KPIs like first call resolution, calls handled and average sales per agent.


Collect and analyse key data indicators of contact centre performance. Dashboards can be configured to suit the audience, from agents to executives.


Employee performance management and reward, made easy. Spanning full time staff, part time staff, temps and team leaders.


Our solution helps businesses to create a culture that’s supportive. With peer support, coaching and the chance to gain team rewards. 


REWARDS is integrated with Mitel and Avaya contact centres. Include CRM or HR systems for a clear view of agent performance in one system.


With data available, your business is able to pinpoint areas agents need training. Create new targets to align with the training areas.

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