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Mitel and Britannic, a Platinum Mitel Partner and Hospitality Specialist, invite you to a round table in London on 25 April 2024 where we will share recently commissioned research and demonstrate our joint capabilities working with leading hospitality technology partners in the Mitel ecosystem.

Roundtable date: Thursday 25 April 2024 (9.30-2pm including lunch)
Location: Mitel City Office, Dashwood, 69 Old Broad St, London EC2M 1Q

What you will learn

In this exclusive interactive Roundtable you will hear about:

  • The findings from our joint recent first-hand research with hotel groups
  • Ways to leverage your investment in Mitel technology with tool sets to underpin customer experience optimisation
  • Integration of technologies such as Amazon Alexa and Poly AI to enhance guest experience
  • How to analyse customer interactions to learn where to prioritise and improve customer experience
  • Innovative ways to personalise customer experience
  • How to use email orchestration to streamline central reservations
  • Demonstrations and examples of latest technologies
  • How to streamline resources and modernise processes
  • New operating models that will reduce operating costs
  • Using technology to increase cross-sell and up-sell
  • Latest ideas to improve brand advocacy and loyalty
  • Modern secure networking solutions


For many years hotels have focused on building a strong technological foundation, but now more than ever investment in technology is key to unlocking enhanced guest experience and reducing operating costs. Leveraging value from your existing investment is the least disruptive and most cost-effective way to deliver on these objectives.

Who should attend?

This event is designed for changemakers in hospitality. Whether you are a CIO, IT Director, or Head of Guest Experience you will find this roundtable of real value.

The Agenda

  1. 9:30 Registration
  2. 09:45 Welcome & Introduction from Britannic and Mitel - Jonathan Sharp, Britannic
  3. 09:55 Research Findings – Winter 2023: Sharing key findings from research conducted with hotel brands focused on advanced communications and enhancing the guest experience through innovative digital transformation - Jonathan Sharp, Britannic
  4. 10:10 Automated Email Handling and Data Analytics - Platforms like Booking.com have generated massive increases in email traffic. Handle enquiries and bookings automatically with an email orchestration platform to improve efficiency and experience. Improve guest experience and cross/up-sell through interaction insights and analytics - Gillan Ide
  5. 10:35 Personalised Interactive Experiences - Create smart properties with interactive experiences using in room smart speakers and voice-enabled devices to personalise guest experience. - Amazon
  6. 11:00 Quality Wi-Fi Improves CX and EX - Wi-Fi, networking and cyber security are crucial to creating robust environments for guests and staff alike, enabling people to work and play better. - Alex Chapman
  7. 11:25 Coffee and Networking
  8. 11:45 AI Conversational Reservations Available 24/7 - Take the load off your agents and eliminate abandoned calls with an AI-powered voice assistant. - Poly AI
  9. 12:10 Enhanced Mobile Guest Experience - QR codes are the simple way to provide an App-less guest experience using mobile as the interface for hotel and operational staff through iPortal. - Tiger
  10. 12:35 Flexible Omnichannel Communications - Mitel demonstrates leading-edge technology with app integrations helping you to mitigate staff shortages and turnover. Hear about flexible deployment options that help you provide seamless guest experiences. - Mitel
  11. 1:30 Lunch and Networking

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