Thank you for joining us at Convergence Summit this year!

Our 15th Convergence Summit Anniversary was a special one, so thankyou for making it even more memorable. This year was all about Digital Transformation and the future of businesses and organisations. Whether it's new tech, AI or the Cyborg Human, we've made it clear that your Digital Transformation journey shouldn't be a difficult one.

Please find below the lectures on all the topics covered throughout the day in the main presentation theatre. Feel free to share them as you wish!

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Jonathan Sharp | Marketing and Sales Director
Deconstructing Digital Transformation

The digital landscape is becoming ever more complex.

Jonathan shared some of the many ways Britannic is helping organisations to build strategies and simplify the approach to transformation.


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Maria McCann | Digital Experience Consultant
Deconstructing the Digital Employee experience

Learning from her time with ASOS, Spotify and other brands, Maria provided her top 10 lessons on how and how not to get the best out of employees when looking at the organisational wide digital offering.

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Mark Brill | Futurologist and Digital Expert
Beyond Mobile: Communications, AI and The Future

This keynote took us on a journey looking at the impact of technology on communications from now into the near future and how we can plan for its future impact.

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Joshua Haslett | Vice President of Strategic Innovation

Disrupted or Disruptor?

Mitel helped organisations unlock the art of the possible for customer experience providing the opportunity to respond to customers more quickly and with better insight with Google AI.

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Nick Dicksee | Specialist Sales Engineering Manager UK and Ireland
What does a Truly Exceptional Customer Experience mean?

Why do so many organisations still battle to deliver an exceptional experience; and what do organisations need to do to get it right?

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