6 reasons AI is worth the hype

Currently, everywhere you look is AI-washed. We’ve got Microsoft growing plants with AI, Alexa being the star of this years’ Super Bowl commercial ad break and talks of AI being utilised within our NHS.

All this sounds great, but AI is a powerful thing and even the big technology companies like Facebook have got it wrong. Not to mention the fact a lot of businesses do not need to be able to grow plants with AI. They are far more interested in growing customers and attracting and retaining talent. And to our knowledge, Microsoft haven’t yet invented a way of growing customers on AI trees. That being said, you might not need to. Here are 6 reasons why we think AI technologies are worth the hype.

There for your customers 24/7

There’s been an increase in the number of organisations that utilise chat bots, but Conversational AI takes the level of services even higher. Potentially your best digital agent, revolutionary AI like Ami works alongside your customer service agents and sales representatives.

Ami requires just a few lines of code to get up and running and draws on information from your website. She doesn’t need to sleep and is there for your customers 24/7. She’s able to take away repetitive tasks from your contact centre employees. Leaving them to get on with the things that drive your business forward, be it resolving complex issues, or maximising cross-sell /upsell opportunities. The perfect addition to your team (for nowhere near the cost of hiring a new employee).

Pre-qualifying leads

Now who wouldn’t want more of these? While it’s great to take away the repetitive tasks, it’s even more valuable when you think about the time wasted pre-qualifying people, or going through the whole identification and verification process. If this could be done by an AI when the call is passed to an agent this part of the process is complete.

Cruise 1st who recently adopted Ami have increased lead capture by 8x the original figure, call to sale conversion rate is up 2% and overall revenue growth for the business is up 3%, in just two months since Ami went live.  

“Ami is now a valued member of our sales team. She is delivering tangible revenue to the business. I see conversational AI as a really cost effective way of driving incremental sales and improving customer service. We are getting a higher conversion rate from the call centre. This has shown a business case to hire more staff to close more deals over the phone. In the media everyone thinks AI is going to get rid of jobs. In fact it has allowed us to man up.”

- Simon Hoe, Global Head of Digital and Ecommerce for Cruise 1st

Bolster employee productivity

When it comes to Digital Transformation, the whole package includes having the best possible suite of tools to bolster your employee productivity. There’s no denying Office 365 is great.

And the AI tools incorporated into Office 365 empower your employees to be more productive, think outside the box and remain secure. There’s analysis for your productivity to identify how long you spent in meetings or focused work, so you can spend your time wisely. PowerPoint’s AI feature empowers any employee to create beautiful presentations without the help of a marketer. And AI features in outlook protects employees against harmful phishing attacks.

Automation with voice-power

Alexa is just starting to take off in the world of business. An intelligent AI, that’s there for your employees when it comes to repetitive admin tasks like scheduling meetings, setting reminders and joining conferences. At Britannic we’ve developed a solution that completes tasks like this, but with the help of Robotic Process Automation RPA, we’re taking it one step further.

Utilise Alexa to book a taxi for important clients, or schedule a time to replenish the coffee during an important meeting. Using RPA in the background, Alexa will then get the taxi booked in with the taxi firm and set up an email request with the concierge for coffee.

The beauty of these micro services is that they can be created simply like flow charts and then re-used and edited time and again. And for Alexa read any of the voice activated devices that are now proliferating the market.

Easily obtain information from your knowledge base

Think about knowledge sharing in your organisation. Using an AI to search through content and provide agents with suggestions for answers could soon help to rapidly upskill new agents. Adding in a moderator layer would help weed out bad practice and ensure the answers are those that you would want to be delivered.

Self-serve is a win-win

There are those customers who like to talk, but there are a whole raft more who simply want to get the job done as slickly as possible. Time is money and all that. If your website makes it easy and quick for people to self-serve whenever it suits them, they will be much more likely to return.

The proof is in the pudding. But these reasons highlight how AI helps you grow your customer base, keeps your current ones loyal, takes repetitive tasks away from employees and enables automation.

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Daisy Shevlin

Marketing Content Executive, Britannic Technologies

Daisy has worked for technology companies since graduating university in 2017. Currently the Content Marketing Executive at Britannic, she helps businesses cut through the digital noise to understand concepts around Workplace Modernisation, Digital Transformation and key tech trends with content that is concise and to the point.

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