AI within the Recruitment Industry – Retaining Temps with Disruptive Technology

How do you refresh your candidate database, retain and update existing temps and maintain good relationships when you have an overwhelming candidate pool? Job sites are diluting the margins recruiters make by offering a wide variety of candidates to the open market. To combat this a good recruiter needs to make sure they know their candidate, understand their ever-changing circumstances whilst maintaining a positive relationship – AI can help. Agencies are fearful of a freeze on recruitment with the uncertainty of Brexit looming so holding onto existing candidates is more vital than ever.

Meet Ami, our Conversational AI 

Disruptive Technology

Robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI) can assist in managing the lengthy communications process between candidates and recruitment agents. A Solutions Provider can map out key communications processes and the number of touchpoints helping you devise a process that will grow your business. Enabling you to build in automation at various stages of the process.

Refocusing your Sales Staff

Using RPA and AI, you can focus your sales staff on selling not information gathering or performing mundane tasks that can now be automated. A Solutions Provider will help you to build out a workflow process and input it into a robotic layer that will automatically trigger a text message to the right candidates at the right time.

In Touch with your Feelings

It is crucial not to lose candidates at the end of a contract and an application can be developed so candidates receive a notification asking them how the role is going, whether they wish to seek an extension or if it’s time to find something new for the candidate.

Using RPA and AI you can react to negative comments using sentiment based controls - such as “I’m not sure about the job; I’m not happy.” This can trigger alarms for a consultant to call the candidate to find out what’s wrong and deliver a more personalised service.

Natural Conversation

A chatbot is designed as a machine talking to a machine, using a decision tree to answer questions, conversation appears stilted and sometimes don’t make sense.

Britannic Technologies’ self-learning digital assistant, Ami, can learn the content on your website, and capture key bits of information, establishing personal contact and keeping the engagement going to stop candidates from leaving your website. Developing a warm lead to pass onto the sales team.

Always There

Most people looking for a job will browse recruitment sites at night. Webchat needs a human to answer questions so they cannot be used out of hours. Ami is available 24/7, and can qualify the lead by asking and answering questions as they are going through the communications process.

If they are a suitable candidate she passes them over to an agent, or if it’s out of hours an agent will call them back in the morning. Personalising the experience for the user and saving them trawling through mounds of information, and delivering the information they require.

Start with a Strategy

Many companies attempt to be innovators and deploy AI without a strategy, therefore the project is often set to fail from start. It is essential that you plan a strategy from the offset to understand what you want to achieve with AI, and how to go about it.

A Solution Provider who is experienced in real-time applications and systems integration will be able to work closely with you to discover your needs and requirements.

Integration is Key

Systems integration is vital when deploying AI for it to be truly effective.

You will require a Solutions Provider who is experienced in integration and they will assess what technology you currently have in place; what technology you require; and whether to deploy it on premise or via the cloud. You can then identify where and how a digital assistant can be integrated into your existing systems in the back office and in the front office.

A Single View

When a recruitment agent deals with a candidate’s enquiry they are often faced with several screens, this is cumbersome and difficult to manage. A Solution Provider will integrate a digital assistant into the contact centre so candidates and agents are presented with a single user interface where all interactions can be completed on a single screen.

AI & RPA – the Opportunity

AI and RPA is the opportunity that the recruitment industry has been waiting for. If you get it right from the start then you will reap the benefits of retaining temporary contractors and placing more candidates in jobs, along with increased revenue, improved communications and better customer service - it’s worth it.

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