Avaya Collaborate with Google in the Contact Centre

Every day, around the globe, millions of people get into their cars, or onto trains or buses or bikes or horses, to head to work in one of any number of the world’s contact centres.

IT has traditionally been seen as a large building with hundreds of agents sat at desks answering and taking phone calls throughout business opening hours and now around the clock.

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This has been an expensive undertaking for any business as each agent requires a phone, a computer, a headset, a chair, a desk, resources and training and a whole host of other things. Contact Centres required heavy investment in people, hardware and software. It could also take days to make the simplest changes and months to open a new site.

The words “flexibility” and “contact centre” didn’t really go hand in hand.

But recent developments in technology are putting an end to this.

Avaya and Google have announced Avaya Agent for Chrome, a Chromebook application designed for flexible contact centres.


What is it and how does it work?

Avaya Agent for Chrome is a WebRTC-enabled interface that allows customer service agents to access Avaya’s contact centre agent desktop through Chrome devices.

Avaya say:

“There’s no native software to download. Getting a new agent provisioned takes minutes, not days. The application connects to Avaya systems securely–either on premise or in the cloud–meaning customer service agents don’t have to physically sit in the same building anymore, nor do they have to install applications on home computers when working remotely.”

Reference: Connected Blog 10th December.

Avaya Agent for Chrome is currently available in three major configurations:

  • For customer service agents working in a contact centre, with an Avaya phone
  • For customer service agents working remotely, using their landline
  • For customer service agents working remotely who want to take calls directly through their Chromebook


According to Contact-Centres.com:

The collaboration will combine Avaya’s expertise in customer engagement technologies with Google’s expertise in Web applications and Chromebooks to enable greater simplicity, flexibility and cost efficiency in contact centre operations:

  • Simplified and faster access to contact centre technology for customer service agents
  • First project to streamline the agent experience using WebRTC and Chromebooks
  • Enables increased mobility and flexibility in staffing


The initial project will allow for new agents and supervisors to be set up simply, in any location. This will be ideal for managing peak and seasonal demands, not to mention business continuity and flexible working initiatives.

Jonathan Sharp

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