Quick Tips: Communications Solutions For Hotels

For a quick overview of key communications solutions for hospitality businesses, follow these links and learn how to connect better with your guests. 

As we're preparing for our debut at Hotel Tech Live we're pulling together some of the most exciting and relevant tech from across the Britannic community, with the aim to showcase a communications solution that will answer to your hotel's marketing and IT management woes. Along the way, we've sighted a number of materials from our partners Mitel and Avaya, which you will find particularly helpful if you're looking for ideas to build better digital guest experiences and faster back office operations.  

Both have a whole portfolio of apps that were specially designed for hotels and hospitality businesses, reconciling the need for a unique customer experience with the call for operational efficiency across properties. Under the umbrella “Connected Guests” and “Guest Experience is Everything” respectively, their suites offer ‘mobile first’ applications that integrate with your business systems and seamlessly connect your customers’ smartphones to your property and guest services. 

Think along the lines of:

  • Property management system integration and call accounting for guest phone calls
  • Guest and maintenance management apps for staff
  • Guest mobile integration for service interactions via your guests' own devices
  • Guest service and hotel loyalty apps integrated with booking and ticketing systems
  • Social rating and sharing

Mitel Enterprise CTO, Jim Davies and industry experts recorded a handy webinar to explain how your hospitality business could put technology to better use. You can watch it here but beware, it’s 50mins long. You might be better off heading over to their blog post first, for a summary of the key trends in hotel technology and a taster of the possibilities in connecting guests. 

Avaya has its own vision of an 'integrated experience' that melds with a traveller's lifestyle and habitual device use. In its Hospitality Industry Report, hoteliers will find further pointers how to identify new revenue streams for their business.   

Here at Britannic, we can enhance such solutions even further with social media app integration, WiFi and network technologies as well as managed services. Don’t be shy to contact us on hello@btlnet.co.uk if there is anything you would like to explore further, or come and visit us at Stand #3076 at Hotel Tech Live, London, 26 – 27 September, to see a demo!

In the meantime, these Mitel and Avaya case studies might be worth a look if you’re curious to know how others have beefed up their guest/ staff experiences and simplified IT management.  

Meet us at Stand #3076, Hotel Tech Live, 26th - 27th September, to see demos or pop into our seminar session with Jonathan Sharp and Richard Betts: “How To Harness The Power Of The Connected Guest”. Tickets to the show are free.