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With 220 employees at its head office in London and Customer Support and Contact Centre in Aylesbury, the Kennel Club is the UK’s largest organisation devoted to dog health, welfare, training and education. Delivering outstanding customer service is paramount to the charity but its contact centre system needed updating to keep pace with the demand for its services.

The Kennel Club registers around 250,000 pedigree dogs each year, thousands more on its activity register, and manages Petlog, the UK's largest lost and found database for microchipped pets that holds records of more than 10m animals. As a result of its successful information service, over 40,000+ calls a month come into the contact centre on a wide range of enquiries, from puppy buying, canine health and dog breeding to attending dog shows such as the prestigious Crufts.

However, as the charity’s contact centre solution used to be separate for each division, the customer service team suffered significant inefficiencies: Multi-skilled agents, who work across both divisions, used to have to physically change desks and telephone when taking a call, depending on whether the call concerned the Kennel Club or Petlog. Unintentionally, this resulted in a lot of internal emails going round to communicate where people were sitting.

IT Director, Alex Meek tackled the issue together with Britannic by introducing a centralised, cloud-based contact centre solution, to streamline the customer service process despite a growing number of calls and requests.

Calls per month handled by the Kennel Club contact centre

Multi-skilled and specialist agents manage incoming calls

Uptime SLA on the hosted voice service

HW Fisher & Co solution

Discovery and Demonstration

Alex Meek explains, “We needed a new contact centre and, as we quickly learnt, a new voice platform and network to support our business communications at large. But it was equally important to us to find the right technology partner, a single provider for all technology implementation and management, who could help us cut down on IT support time and deal better with the growing volume of calls.

“Britannic worked closely with the IT and contact centre teams to discover and learn about the organisation, how we work and what objectives we wanted to achieve. They audited our systems and our operations to see how and where we could improve. The discovery process was excellent. After demonstrations of the technology they could provide, we designed a system tailored to the Kennel Club drawing from our experience and theirs, which ensured a best-fit solution.”

Alex Meek, IT Director, The Kennel Club

We choose to work with Britannic Technologies because we get on very well with the team. Chemistry is vital when working with people. They understand the not-for-profit sector and how our organisation is different and bespoke.

The Technology

Mitel MiContact Centre


Managed Service

Using the Mitel multimedia contact centre for the MiVoice Business platform, the Kennel Club gains efficiencies through self-service options, skills-based call routing, better user features and clear reporting.

Britannic’s resilient high-availability SIP platform optimises line resource, ensures availability and security of communications services, and adds scalability as Kennel Club’s customer service operation grows. Calls for Kennel Club and Petlog now come in on separate lines.

The charity’s Mitel MiVoice Business communications platform and resilient voice network, which are hosted in the Britannic cloud with 99.999% uptime SLA, are configured, managed and maintained by Britannic’s vendor-certified engineers.

Relocating to the Cloud

Having moved its infrastructure into the Britannic cloud, the charity benefits from faster access to new technology and applications, consumes ICT services via a monthly rental model rather than capital expenditure, and no longer needs any hardware onsite. Quickly, the new end-to-end cloud solution proved its value to Alex Meek: “The cloud made our contact centre office move so simple; we had our old and new offices live at the same time to guarantee a smooth transition. The agents literally carried their phones out of the old office and walked into the new office across the road, plugged them in and they worked! It was unbelievably seamless.”

The Results

Better agent engagement increases customer satisfaction

Contact Centre Manager, Laura Duforest highlights that the solution has improved her team’s performance management system, their training and also customer satisfaction. “Previously reporting on our overall contact centre performance was incomplete. We had very little visibility of our call patterns and the productivity of our agents. Now we can report on a range of different components such as call waiting times, call abandoned rates and agent performance to name a few.

“Additionally, the new system allows us to break down call types, determine which agent is best suited to assist the customer, and route the call directly through to them. This way, our agents get to use their specialist skills and knowledge while customers get fast answers to complex questions.

“The solution is fantastic”, Laura says. “The visibility and transparency encourage and motivate the agents to exceed their targets. The agents love the wallboards and even set themselves challenges without any intervention from me.”


Calls per month handled by the Kennel Club contact centre

Multi-skilled and specialist agents manage incoming calls

Uptime SLA on the hosted voice service

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