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Mears 24/7 is a specialist contact centre in the housing maintenance market. Using Cloud technology, we centralised its telecommunications, increased resiliency, improved management and have allowed flexibility for future change. In doing so, we have helped Mears 24/7 to improve its customer service and gain an additional revenue stream.

The contact centre is at the core of Mears 24/7’s business model and the provider had to ensure that it had the best systems available in order to continue to deliver a seamless and superior service to both its internal and external customers.

Mears’s key goals were to centralise telecommunications, increase resiliency, implement multisite call recording and improve reporting and management of data in the contact centre. The previous infrastructure was reaching capacity and a new solution was required. The Cloud offered new ways of working and presented the opportunity to boost customer service levels.

We recommended the Mitel 3300 IP Communications Platform (ICP), MiContact Center and Red Box Recording Solution: delivered through the Britannic Cloud and its managed service offering.

The amount of hours Mears are able to operate per day

The number of satisfied customers they now handle each year

Their new platform resilience percentage: calls are nearly always answered

Mears 24/7 solution


Beyond increasing Mears 24/7’s capability and resiliency through a centralised solution, the new system gives agents the right tools to do their job more efficiently: the contact centre management system now evaluates the performance of agents and enables them to deliver a premium service to customers.

The MiContact Center is hosted in the Cloud and allows Mears to continuously customise and tailor queues for individual callers as the system provides greater transparency of their specific customer journey. As a result of Mears’s ability to meet customers at their points of interest, customer feedback has significantly improved.

Martin Byrne, Operations Director, Mears 24/7

The new contact centre has allowed us to monitor and measure our calls, increasing our visibility of everything that is happening and providing us with information we didn’t have before. The amount of data we can glean is vast and helps us with: evaluation, forecasting, planning and monitoring, and all can be accessed by an easy-to-use interface.



The Mitel 3300 IP Communications Platform can accommodate all of Mears 24/7’s immediate and future needs. The infrastructure increased the business’s capability and resiliency through a centralised solution.

MiContact Center

MiContact Center delivers a reporting and management tool to monitor agent performance, schedule work flows and have visibility of call matrices. Call reports can be produced to be sent to customers. It is also future ready for multimedia.

Red Box

The Red Box Recorder Quantify Recording Suite was implemented to record calls in real time and play them back to users for compliance, training and dispute resolution.

From cost centre to profit centre

The Private Cloud contact centre reduced the amount of hardware at sites, reduced IT costs and freed up the IT team to focus on other projects.

The flexibility and scalability from the Cloud improved customer experience and enabled Mears 24/7 to go to market with a bespoke contact centre solution, providing an additional revenue stream.

Looking to the future, it will be key for deploying new applications and setting up new users and new sites.

Mears 24/7 technology

The results

Delivered as a managed service, the new contact centre solution has transformed Mears’s business. It has resulted in cost savings, efficiency increases and significant customer service improvements.

Mears 24/7 now operates a network of contact centres throughout the UK and continues to offer an exceptional customer experience, with Britannic’s integration middleware enhancing the personal experience for Mears customers unlike any other.

The amount of hours Mears are able to operate per day

The number of satisfied customers they now handle each year

Their new platform resilience percentage: calls are nearly always answered

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