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The UK’s largest multi-tied mortgage and financial advice network, Openwork wanted a partner that could provide initial support of its premise based telephone, call recording and logging systems and that had the capability to deliver a resilient, hosted managed service as a long term solution.

Openwork had been operating on a single Mitel telephony controller and contact centre server which was physically located in its Swindon office. The organisation had been using a Red Box call recorder solution and a Data Track call logger which was managed internally by a small team and a third party managed support resource.

They found themselves in a position where they had single instances of telephone and call recording with limited business continuity capability. After reviewing the maintenance contract for the existing telephone system and contact centre, Openwork went to tender to find a partner that offered the same freedom of choice that the financial adviser delivers to its own customers. Going out to tender meant they could incorporate new concepts into their strategic plan. Openwork wanted a partner to provide initial support of the premise based telephone, call recording and logging systems with longer term capability to deliver a resilient, hosted managed service.

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We demonstrated our capability to deliver immediate support of Openwork’s existing communications systems, and proved our experience and expertise migrating its stand-alone premise based systems to a resilient private Cloud model.

With an imminent office move, Openwork could use the Cloud model to help move DDIs and lines seamlessly as there were no ties to physical architecture. We achieved further efficiencies by removing the call logger as calls could now be reported upon with the same level of granularity needed from the Britannic carrier grade netX platform. As part of the move to Cloud, we provisioned a Mitel IVR solution which delivered improved call routing services to callers such as ‘request a call back’ options whilst giving Openwork new visibility of abandoned call rates.

Chris Yeow, Technical Architect, Openwork

Right now we are operating a first class communications system in the hands of a company we trust. We know that our systems are resilient and being monitored. We know that we can rely on Britannic Technologies to support us now and guide us through the future.


Business Class

netX is a ‘business class’ SIP exchange platform, which directly connects into the BT network for large scale routing of IP telephone calls. This enables our customers to move towards a single standardised network infrastructure.

Disaster Recovery

netX supports multiple protocols and any SIP codec. It provides full NAT support and is integrated with Microsoft’s Skype for Business platform. BriPortal gateway support provides backwards compatibility for TDM and full disaster recovery options..

SIP Call Routing

SIP call routing via netX offers a cost effective solution. The infrastructure is fully resilient both physically and virtually and the network is controlled end to end to guarantee carrier-grade quality.

Proactive 24/7 managed service

Openwork’s in-house support team can now focus on other business development projects as we provide a proactive 24/7 managed service with remote monitoring, alerts and reporting from the Network Operations Centre. With 96% of our support calls handled remotely and over 70% fixed same/next day, Openwork can trust that in the event of a support requirement our involvement will be unobtrusive and efficient. Our entire end to end managed hosted service was provided with a simple, flexible, scalable and predictable cost per user per month commercial model which enables Openwork to plan for the future in confidence.

Openwork technology

The Results

Openwork now has a resilient, Cloud based telephone system monitored and proactively supported by Britannic Technologies. SIP and intelligent call routing options are helping Openwork to deliver improved customer service, driving the business forward. 

Cloud infrastructure has helped the advisory to consolidate its expenditure into predictable monthly bills and is delivering annual cost savings of over 20%. It provides the flexibility to scale and grow quickly and efficiently. It has enabled faster, easier and more predictable rollout of technology and services. New offices are easier to incorporate as they come on stream.

Reliability percentage


Annual cost saving percentage

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