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Disrupt the status quo. Our maintenance contracts are perfect for not only those that want to strike up a relationship with an accomplished digital transformation partner, but also those who just want to get high quality maintenance for an affordable price. Our solutions are able to overlay legacy systems and plug into your existing architecture with out the box technology.

We're a Mitel Platinum Partner too - supporting customers in over 30 countries worldwide!

24x7, 365 Days a Week Support

The Best Skilled Engineers in Monitoring, Diagnostics, Programming and Support

97% Customer Satisfaction rating and approval

96% Remote Resolution of all faults logged through help desk

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We take a holistic and transparent view to maintenance, we'll discuss the organisations systems and business plans and lay out strategies for consolidation, cost-efficiency and growth.

Get More from Your Maintenance

Maintenance with Added Value!

We add value to your Mitel investment with best practice advice, insight and modular digital applications and SIP services that are tightly integrated with Mitel platforms. When we partner together, you get so much more than a maintainer just 'keeping the lights on'.

Roadmapping, Strategy and Planning

For organisation growth and scaling with tailored integrations and solutions. We just don't maintain, we look towards the future.

Supplier and Vendor Consolidation

The buck stops with us. Rather than managing multiple vendors we can either take on this responsibility, or implement technology to make them redundant.

Digital Transformation Access and Insight

Whether taking your first steps or shifting direction, partnering with us gives you access to a plethora of sophisticated and efficient solutions, advice and insights.

A Dedicated, Transparent Partnership

We don't see people as customers, we see them as partners. When one company grows, so does the other and it's why organisations see us as a go-to trusted partner.

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Why go for Gold, When you can Have Platinum?

Maintenance Means Growth

Enjoy year on year growth and expansion. This isn't because we simply 'maintain' current systems, but we take a proactive approach to helping you identify catalysts for change; whether it's tech, business culture, structure or opportunity. We'll guide you through a cost effective and efficient digital transformation strategy to suit your current and future business needs.

Accredited, Quality Assured Service

Britannic are accredited within ISO 9001, IS0 27001, and ISO 22301 for quality management, data security and business continuity - we know what we're doing and we've been recognised for it. As a Mitel Platinum Partner too, we're trusted to deliver the best and unparalleled quality of service for our customers and partners.

Our accreditation and recognitions are testament to the work, development and opportunities we've created for our customers and the continuous improvement we accomplish when organisations choose use as their maintenance provider.

Award Winning, Experienced Mitel Experts

Britannic have over 20+ years’ experience with Mitel Systems and Solutions and we have both developed a close-knit relationship which means organisations get two industry heavy-weights for the price of one.

Furthermore organisations on Britannic's maintenance contract get a transparent and insightful vision into the future of digital communications technology through a series of quarterly seminars and our yearly Convergence Summit.

24/7, Fully Managed Service

Not only are we available to you, 24/7, 365 days a year, our maintenance packages are fully customisable. From the deployment model, to commercial models and support, you choose what you want. Our partnership and reliable approach is why we've established long term customer relationships for 10,20 and some even 30 years!Welcome to EditPad.org - your online plain text editor. Enter or paste your text here. To download and save it, click on the button below.

These People Think We’re Great Too

“I had heard of Britannic thanks to their outstanding reputation in the industry and first met the team at a trade show. I was very impressed with their level of understanding of networking, rather than just telephony, and how they took the time to understand our business.”

Kelliher Insurance Group

"Britannic have proved from day one that they are more than just a market leading support company. On top of being a support provider and partner, helping me reduce costs while still improving services, they are the friend that we all need from time to time. If we have a bit of a problem, or want a bit of advice we just need to pick up the phone and ask them. That sort of support is priceless".

Wakefield and District Housing

"The secret of success is choosing the right partner, Britannic worked very hard in getting to understand our needs, setting up the infrastructure that was right for our business and implementing the changes with effective planning and liaison with all our teams. As a result the changeover was smooth and benefits have been readily identifiable".

KM Group

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Is your maintenance contract adding value to your business? Paving the way for business growth, switching to a Mitel maintenance contract opens up opportunities through our wider solution and tech portfolio, as well as industry leading strategy and insights.