What are intelligent virtual agents (IVA)?

Five9's Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVAs) leverage the latest AI-based technology to deliver intuitive answers to common questions, perform repetitive and routine tasks/conversations currently handled by your live agents and solve customer problems. IVAs are your very own outsourced contact centre agents – they just never rest or take a vacation – and they’re substantially cheaper.

With IVA your customers no longer have to listen to a menu of options, then make their request by pressing a string of numbers or saying a very specific words. Conversational AI responds to much more complex customer queries and requests in a more natural way.

76% of IT decision makers agree that automating more customer support tasks has benefitted their workforce.

What can your IVA do?

Your IVA can embrace cloud-based speech platforms, support more than 120 languages and multiple underlying core speech engines.

Your IVA will also offer text-to-speech in 17 languages with hundreds of different text-to-speech voices. You will also be able to send text messages in different languages, providing a two-way multilingual chat interface.

Other tasks your IVA can perform!

  • IVR
  • Speech Recognition
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Text-to-Speech
  • Voice Biometrics
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • SMS
  • In-App Chat
  • PCI-Payments
  • HIPAA-Compliance
  • Intelligent Call backs
  • Broad Works Integration
  • Workflows
  • Dialler
  • Remote Data Connectivity

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Benefits of IVA

Higher Revenue and Higher Satisfaction

Your IVA is not here to take the jobs of your live agents but instead enhance their employee experience by allowing them to focus their efforts on customer service needs that really benefit from their human intuition and problem-solving skills. Repetitive tasks can be offloaded to the IVAs, freeing up live agents for interactions that are more rewarding from a job satisfaction perspective.

Scaling Up

An IVA deployment is easy to scale up as the demand increases. A retailer, for example, can dynamically add virtual agents during the holidays, or when there’s a big sale, or if a product recall is increasing call volume. Every new virtual agent reports to work ready to hit the ground running.

The Omnichannel Experience

There are many types of customers out there, with many different preferences. Your aim is to make the experience effortless on any channel and make it easy to move between channels. Our IVA has an omnichannel approach to automation which lets you build a self-service application once, and deploy it not just across voice channels, but also, through chat and messaging channels.

To make it seamless for your customer to change contact channels, your voice-enabled channel is contextually aware of a previous interaction via chat, or vice versa, and if the contact escalates to a live agent, that human is aware of the virtual interactions that happened previously.

Boosting Customer Retention

Retention is a vital measure, and it’s only going to happen when customers are satisfied with both the product you’re delivering and the service you’re offering. Virtual agents can be a key part of increasing customer retention because they enable self-service.

Imagine that a customer can connect with a virtual agent and get the need or problem resolved in the first call. That’s efficacy in action. Was that interaction fast and straightforward? That’s effortlessness in action. That efficacy and effortlessness build customer loyalty and boost retention.

Ease of Management

Today’s IVA technology is intuitive and cost effective enough for even small organizations to handle, and larger organizations with multiple locations will appreciate the ability to centralise management of self-service automation. A centralised system serving multiple locations let’s companies deploy advanced self-service solutions, accessible through a single and smart auto-attendant.

That centralised system and its virtual agents can intelligently route calls to the right location, the right department within that location, or the right customer service agent if necessary. The system’s integrated call reporting helps the organisation understand overall call volumes and customer requests, and that helps uncover new tasks that can be automated to increase containment and reduce the need to transfer to live agents.

At the same time, the centralised system can allow decentralised control when needed. If a local store needs to change hours of service (as was often the case during local pandemic shutdowns), that local control is easy to establish.

Handling Spikes

IVAs are pros at taking on spikes in demand for customer service. They’re always on-duty, they don’t take vacations, and they can automatically scale up if demand suddenly increases.

The pandemic caused consumers to greatly increase all kinds of digital activities, and one survey found that 56% of consumers plan to increase their use of self-service apps. Hiring more live agents is costly, and it’s nearly impossible to hire fast enough to keep up with the demand, but hiring virtual agents will save you time and money.

A Competitive Advantage

Given that trend, adopting an IVA-enabled automation strategy increasingly provides a competitive advantage. If you can provide more of what customers are demanding, increase your service levels, and on top of all that, lower your costs, how can you afford not to?

IVA Facts and Figures

of customers would prefer not to interact directly with a person

By 2024 40% of enterprise applications will have embedded conversational AI, up from less than 5% in 2020.

of all customer service will be handled by conversational agents by 2022.

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