Prepare your business for a culture of change

The technology event of the year for business leaders

Digital offerings have leapfrogged by seven years (McKinsey & Company), to keep progressing businesses cannot afford to take their foot off the gas.

Our annual event this year looks at how the future reimagined will centre around four core areas:

  1. People
  2. Processes
  3. Technology
  4. Data

Blending both technology expertise and a savvy understanding of business, our Convergence Summit 2021 brings new ideas to the fore to help shape strategies for the coming year.

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Learn from our speakers whether at home or in the office

New trends and ideas

Prepare to build a culture of change, enhance the digital customer experience and optimise hybrid working.

Knowledge sharing

Learn from industry leading speakers and peers.

Discuss, collaborate and share

Polls, Q&As, best practice advice and examples. Download relevant content throughout the presentations.

Network and build relationships

Continue the conversation with our experts post-event for idea sharing.

Relive it

Rewatch the talks of the most relevance and share with your team, we’ll send you the recorded sessions.

A not so normal future

Accelerated change means we’re on a completely different trajectory than we were two years ago. Our event will discuss the four core aspects of this reimagined future.

You can view the Convergence Summit 2021 playlist here



No longer so tied by the location of the office, the world of work is forever changed. We look at how these culture changes shifts the focus to outputs rather than hours spent at a desk and where this sets expectations in the eyes of digital customer experiences. Shifting to more self-service methods for online customer service capability.


New and innovated process is what your business needs. Here we review effective change management to achieve core KPIs like increased efficiency and reduced cost. Rethinking processes is a catalyst for a culture of change where people and technology work in harmony, achieving faster deadlines than you ever thought possible.



Open APIs have enabled the easier integration of systems and pass through of information. AI means you can predict your customers needs and find faster ways to give them what they want. Process automation means you can complete things faster. We look at these technologies in more depth.



Becoming data-first is now a key aspect of changing business cultures. Although many businesses have plenty of data, the majority don’t know how to effectively leverage it. In this aspect, we look at how you can use data to create actionable insights, measure the impact and which tools are available to assist.

Our Top Class Speakers

Jonathan Sharp

Britannic Technologies

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Dr Alexandra Rogacheva

Head of Innovation and Product
Britannic Technologies

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Dan Fiehn


Read Synopsis and Bio

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Andrew Nash

Head of Operations
Britannic Technologies

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Keith Jackson

Regional VP International Channels

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David Silke


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Gillan Ide

Head of Digital Shift
Britannic Technologies

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Thomas John

VP EMEA Channels

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What’s on?

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Jonathan Sharp, Director, Britannic Technologies

Keynote presentation: Delivering Dramatic Data Insights without Disillusionment

Dan Fiehn, COO, Incited

Change and Innovation – The Art of Managing the Unmanageable

Dr Alexandra Rogacheva, Head of Innovation and Product, Britannic Technologies

Coffee Break

SD WAN, the death knell for MPLS, or is it?

Andrew Nash, Head of Operations, Britannic Technologies

Bots in Business - How Technology is Underpinning Change

Jonathan Sharp, Director, Britannic Technologies


The Now of work. Balancing Technology, Culture, Space and Pace.

David Silke, CMO, Mitel

Bringing Employee and Customer Experience Together in the Hybrid Workspace

Keith Jackson, Regional VP International Channels, 8x8

Why Cloud? Why Now?

Thomas John, VP EMEA Channels, Five9

Joining the Dots of the Customer Journey

Gillan Ide, Solutions Consultant, Britannic Technologies

Wrap up

Jonathan Sharp, Director, Britannic Technologies