Housing Associations

Better Tenant Experiences.

Unique challenges face housing associations. They need to deliver a better tenant experience, but with a shrinking budget and rent cuts, this is easier said than done. Britannic offer tailored solutions that empower tenants with self-serve and employees with business process automation. Leaving AI and RPA to deal with repetitive tasks or enquiries, saving agents’ time and enabling them to deal with enquiries that are a priority. We’re also a nominated supplier with Procurement for Housing (PfH) members.

Improve Tenant Satisfaction and Communication

Local Government

Citizen First, Cost Effective Communications Tech.

There's constant pressure on the public sector to save money whilst continuously improving their service. We understand this and have worked with a number of councils and local government authorities to provide sustainable and future-proofed tech. We’re on several government frameworks including: G-Cloud 11, Digital Outcomes and Specialists Framework 4 and Network Services 2, to help drive digital transformation in the public sector.

Deliver a Better Citizen Experience

Legal and Insurance

Adhere to Regulations and Stay Compliant Whilst Delivering Better Customer Service.

Respond to your clients in real-time and ensure claims are dealt with promptly and efficiently and that information is readily available and transparent, keeping transactions and communications secure. Delivering a improved customer experience for claimants gives them the confidence to use you again.

Better Customer Service and Compliance