Deliver Value to Residents Alongside Operational Efficiencies

Delivering value for money and a great customer experience is a core principle for all Housing Associations. For over 20 years our Digital Transformation and Customer Experience projects have delivered excellent results to many in the Housing Sector.


Lot 1 - Networking and Security

Lot 3 - Total Communications Solutions

Lot 4 - Mobile Communications

Lot 6b - Internet of Things (Private Gateway)

Areas of Interest for Housing

We’ve got an in-depth understanding of the key challenges for housing organisations embarking on their digital journeys; but we also know how to solve them!

Data and Insight

Data is the new oil, and with so much of it to manage you need to ensure all your back-end systems are linked up. We can help to reduce data problems like the need for double (or even triple!) entry and leverage vital customer service metrics through real-time dashboards. Update many systems and make better decisions.

Customer Centricity

89% of business leaders agree customer experience is now the primary basis for competition (Gartner). We’ll help you pinpoint key areas for improve to your service. Whether it be through adding more automation, introducing self-serve or implementing solutions that work to help motivate your workforce.

Empowered and Rewarded Remote Workers

The ability to work from home is no longer a benefit, it’s a necessity. If COVID-19 taught us anything, it is that we can continue to deliver a great customer experience and increase productivity from the comfort of our sofa. Our solutions for the contact centre and office all aim to increase mobility and flexibility.

Degrees of Cloudiness 

Moving to the cloud can be nerve-wracking for many housing organisations. Since legacy on-premise solutions are rigid and limiting, it is a vital strategic move. We’ll work with you to create a communications infrastructure with the right degrees of cloudiness for you, with the agility to scale up or down.

Supporting Channel Shift

Our digital technology will help you to handle your digital interactions. Increasingly, customers want to be to communicate with housing associations on their preferred channel. We can work to automate processes, respond to incoming enquiries, prioritise, categorise, create queues and tickets for fulfilment.

Supporting Vulnerable Tenants 

Utilising digital channels can be challenging for your vulnerable tenants. Our helpful tools like Webcall enable self-serve through chat, video chat and co-browsing. Perfect for assisting the vulnerable with ordering their food and medical supplies or will helping tenants navigate your site to find the right piece of information.

Why Choose Us?

Why Work with Britannic Technologies


We are stronger together, working as one, and communicate clearly, openly and timely, to provide support, constructive feedback and embrace diversity, to deliver exceptional outcomes.


We embrace change, challenge the status quo, apply critical and design thinking to come up with new ideas and solutions that create new value for our clients, our company and our community


We build trust through integrity, accountability, fairness and acting ethically. We deliver upon the promises we make.


To find the right solutions and add value we listen to & understand our customers and partners and interested stakeholders, build strong strategic relationships based on mutual trust and respect.


We are a professional team that never stops learning, strives to be the best in everything that we do, and delivers excellent, fit-for-purpose solutions that add maximum value to our customers and partners.

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