The moment a "click" becomes a conversation.

Typically, your tenants have several barriers interrupting their browsing session before getting through to contact a customer service representative. They need to log into their own e-mail accounts, switch to a separate mobile or landline phone or, download multiple 3rd party software and plugins to enable web chat and video.

With Webcall, This complexity is removed.  Based on WebRTC technology, Webcall empowers your tenants and operators alike, enabling them to free liver chat, web call, video, co-browse and document share all within your website or app!

This flexible solution also allows more control over traditional channels.  Depending on the complexity of the customer question and level of assistance required, the agent can easily escalate between Webcall’s different live assistance tools to provide an immersive, personal service experience on one intuitive, future-proof, unified system.

Watch our video to see how Webcall can support a typical tenant scenario.

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