Tackle the Next Evolution of Remote Working

Eliminate the Silo Culture with this Helpful eBookOperate from Anywhere eBook front cover

The ability to work from home is no longer a nice-to-have perk. It’s a vital strategic operational move.

With the UK now being in the third national lockdown, this 8-part eBook provides valuable insights to accelerate your business shift to being able to operate effectively from anywhere.

Key topics include:

  • Why work from home is the new corporate imperative
  • How to achieve a cost/CSAT balance
  • The productivity paradigm
  • Single cloud platforms that gain ROI and reduce silo culture
  • The essentials of cross company collaboration
  • Growth in the cloud
  • Interviews from key company leaders about their progress

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Find a Truly Unique Partnership with Britannic Technologies

A trusted business communications and digital transformation solutions provider for over 30 years.

Aligned to Your Goals

We really take the time to understand your business and what you’re trying to achieve. It’s less about the technology for us, more about the problem you’d like to solve.

Knowledge and Experience

We’ve got over three decades of experience in business communications and digital transformation projects. Plus, in-house developers and support expertise as well as great vision and business acumen.

Change Management

We mitigate risk through well-documented onboarding, ensuring that changes take place smoothly and in a planned, ordered fashion. Our predictable programme will help remove fear of the unknown and uncertainty within your business.

Second to None Support

We offer 1st and 2nd line support, giving you an unparalleled direct service, fast. Unlike your average technology reseller we resolve most of the issues ourselves rather than referring you to the technology vendor.

Complementary Technologies

We can extend the life and scope of your platform by incorporating new technologies that meet your needs and customer demands as they arise. With the use of open APIs to provide simple access for new and upcoming tech.

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