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(Data from key public services provider who implemented our solutions during the first lockdown)

of email enquiries answered automatically after 2 weeks

enquiry emails handled by INBOX during the first week

of email enquiries automated within 3 days

As experts in communications and digital transformation we are here to help UK businesses in their time of need.

With the end to lockdown in sight, there’s pent up demand for your businesses’ services. How are you going to manage the surge in communications from customers?

We’ve added intelligence to millions of digital interactions for customers and improved the effectiveness of the way they are able to handle their customer enquiries. Now we’d like to offer you the same opportunity!

What’s so great about it?

Included in the Offer

Unlimited free users, no transaction charges and heavily reduced implementation charges for SaaS digital technologies, INBOX, Webchat and BiziBOT.*

  • No user licence or transaction charges until 1st May 2021
  • Non-invasive and quick to set up
  • Heavily reduced implementation charges

*please contact us for full terms of the offer.

Thrive Post Lockdown and Cope with the Rise in Demand


INBOX automatically reads, responds, prioritises, categorises, automates and creates queues and tickets for fulfilment. Enabling you to deflect more customer calls to digital channels and workforce optimisation with automated responses.

  • Only uses people where it counts and optimises their workload
  • Non-invasive, rapid deployment (one customer was up and running in three days!)
  • Consistent message handling
  • Integration with your contact centre (if you have one)

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Webchat is an easy and effective tool that helps answer customers enquiries with speed.

  • Two-way video and audio communication allow your agents to solve customer issues in real-time within the web context
  • Co-browsing and content sharing help your team to take control of the customer journey for upsell, cross-sell and effective resolution right there and then
  • Seamless escalation for moving from chat to voice or video and co-browsing all in one session

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A personalised, quick and professional level of enquiry answering for first contact resolution. Adding value to your customer experience whilst taking the strain away from your human workforce.

  • Answer mundane or repetitive enquiries allowing your people to focus on urgent enquiries
  • Low-code means BiziBOT can be set up in a number of days
  • BiziBOT increases sales and conversions because your customers don’t have to wait in a queue on hold via the telephone

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Increased Efficiencies for Mercury During the First Lockdown

Neil Whitaker, Head of IT, Mercury Holidays

In the most challenging business climate we have ever seen, the biggest gain for us implementing the INBOX solution is efficiency. We have automated the organisation of our workload during this hectic time and now have the ability to implement self service for our customers which will lead to improved efficiencies and vast cost-savings.

Pay for Only the Services your Business Needs

  • Control your customers’ journey – manage how your customers interact with you to deliver a premium service. Ensure you respond to customers on their preferred channel!
  • Customise and personalise the data journey to your requirements.
  • Intelligent triage – automate the processing of digital interactions, whether email, chat, social messaging or WhatsApp. Organise your workload better and support stretched employees.
  • Service automation - reads (content, context & sentiment), responds, prioritises, categorises, creates queues and tickets for fulfilment, based on rules and business context / customer promises.
  • Automated customer interactions and updates throughout the crisis period and beyond with relevant and timely information.
  • Non-invasive, owned and run by your team, very quick to set up.
  • Adding value – enabling your agents to add value and resolve at 1st contact.
  • Chatbot across all digital channels to embed your design thinking and control the customers’ journey – same experience!
  • Open APIs – enables integrations in your telephony system, and/or CRMs for a single pane of glass solution. So that you can operate under one roof.

Sounds Good Right?

Get in touch or contact your account manager to talk through the details and see the solutions in action. Alternatively, email: