Empowering secure online banking technology and safe card payments 

The integration of online banking technology into a secure and compliant omni-channel contact centre, enriched with AI, has evolved from being a mere luxury to an essential requirement. The pandemic catalysed the advancement of technology, leading to a 75% increase in the adoption of mobile and online banking by consumers. Consequently, ensuring transaction protection and delivering an exceptional personalised customer experience have become paramount.  

Security in the cloud

Ensuring security is paramount given the significant responsibility of safeguarding customers' wealth. For enhanced data protection, cost-efficiency, and flexibility, financial institutions are increasingly opting for cloud technology. This approach also facilitates easier compliance with financial regulations, including cloud-based PCI compliance. Moreover, the cloud allows for seamless modifications and updates, enhancing overall operational agility. 

The omni-channel contact centre

With online banking technology evolving rapidly, it's crucial to provide your customers with multiple modes of communication. An omni-channel contact centre is the answer, enabling customers to reach you through various platforms, from traditional phone calls to modern social media interactions. By catering to all these channels, you not only offer a seamless customer experience but also ensure operational excellence in your financial services. 

Save costs with disruptive technology

Utilising advancements like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), natural language processing (NLP), and voice-to-text or text-to-voice technologies can greatly enhance efficiency, customer interaction, agent experience, and cost-effectiveness. These technologies enable customers to interact with webchat bots, independently check balances, make payments, fill out forms, and access information instantly. Automated channels can also streamline authentication processes and assist in resolving customer queries promptly, making them an integral part of modern online banking technology. 

Re-deploy agents

Automation solutions can significantly reduce the burden of routine administrative tasks on agents, allowing them to concentrate on more complex, high-value inquiries. By redirecting their attention, agents can focus on identifying potential sales leads, along with being trained in upselling and cross-selling of products, thus driving growth and enhancing customer service. 

Data for customer loyalty

With the convenience offered by digital technology, switching banks has become a straightforward process, making it imperative for financial institutions to keep their customers. To achieve this, leverage the data insights gathered from digital interaction management systems, which can assist in providing more customised products and services. 

Knock down the silos

Managing a multi-channel contact centre can be daunting due to the diverse data inputs from various communication channels. To address this, deploy a solution that provides a unified view, thereby ensuring streamlined interactions, breaking down data silos, and efficiently utilizing data insights. 

How To Prepare For MiFID II Compliant Call Recording

Regulation and compliance are central to the financial services industry, and it's crucial to stay up-to-date with the latest rules and guidelines, such as MiFID II. Our insightful blog post on preparing for MiFID II compliant call recording is a must-read for any firm operating in the finance sector. This article provides valuable insights into the legal requirements, explores the potential implications for your business, and offers practical guidance on how to ensure your call recording practices are fully compliant. By understanding these complexities, you can mitigate risks, avoid penalties, and ensure your firm continues to operate within the bounds of the law. 

Make sure your call recording is MiFID II compliant

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