Efficient insurance solutions that simplify quotes, streamline claims handling and improve customer experience

Stand out in the fast-paced and competitive insurance sector by leveraging advanced digital communications technology. Boost customer engagement, enhance efficiency, and deliver a seamless experience for both customers and claims handlers. Ensure regulatory compliance, safeguard data security, and optimise operational costs to gain a competitive edge in the market.

PCI DSS compliance

Our comprehensive insurance technology delivers cloud-based solutions that are PCI DSS compliant, guaranteeing a robust defence for your corporate data against security and compliance breaches. This ensures you are entrusting your data protection to a reliable entity that provides the highest standards of safety.

Modernise your claims contact centre

Customers seek to reach out to you through the communication channels they use daily. By broadening your communication mediums beyond just phone and email to include webchat, Facebook, WhatsApp, SMS, and Twitter, you enhance customer interactions and boost their overall experience.

Attract and retain top talent

Entice and hold on to superior talent in your contact centre by implementing cutting-edge digital communications like INBOX, a cloud-based omni-channel contact centre, a solution for managing digital interactions. By situating your telephony according to your preference - be it on-premise, private or public cloud, or a hybrid - you allow your agents to work remotely, not only broadening your scope for recruitment, but also offers your agents the flexibility that can contribute to job satisfaction.

Reduce your claims handling

Streamline your insurance claim processes and save both time and money by implementing claims handling automation. This self-service feature allows customers to instantly fill out forms and access information, eliminating the need to navigate through multiple agents. Such a streamlined process enhances efficiency, creating a more seamless experience for both customers and agents. With the reduction in routine administrative tasks, agents are liberated to concentrate on tasks of higher value, thereby optimising your operations.

Data – expanding your intelligence

Insurance technology, in the form of automation solutions, allows you to gather and organise data from both digital interactions and traditional methods like voice and email. Access to this data in a unified view can provide a deeper understanding of your customers. Leveraging these insights, you can create personalised, timely, and competitive offers that enhance customer experience and give you a competitive edge in the market.

Predictive analytics

By leveraging our predictive analytics, you can anticipate insurance-related behaviours such as prioritising claims, detecting fraudulent activities, and pinpointing trends in renewals or purchases. This, in turn, leads to heightened productivity, improved efficiencies, and an increased profit margin with the aid of claims handling automation.

Diagram of Automated Claims Handling Technology and Solution

Cut Down Your Claims Handling Duration by a Third

With our Flexible Digital Claims Handling Solution

Our insurance technology provides adaptable and scalable claims-handling solutions, which can be customised to meet your specific business requirements. This helps your firm significantly reduce time and financial resources spent on First Notice of Loss (FNOL) and the overall claims process.

While we provide an illustrative diagram to the left, keep in mind that we are not rigid in our approach. If necessary, we can construct the optimal solution for your business from the ground up.

Our digital claims handling technology can address these key areas:

  • Minimising the need for data input.
  • Automating payments for minor claims under a threshold you set.
  • Enabling automatic validation upon checking

A Word From One of Our Happy Insurance Customers

Group Head of Enterprise Architecture

Markerstudy Group

To be able to generate not just reports using NETX2, but real-time insight into call behaviour is a fantastic boost to our ability to be a responsive data-led organisation. It gives us a unified and meaningful view of the environment, saving time and effort.


Markerstudy's Investment in Business Continuity Planning Pays Off

Setting up 3,000 employees for homeworking in two days before lockdown

Britannic Technologies, specialists in voice communications, systems integration and managed services, today announced that its long term customer Markerstudy, experts in motor insurance products and complementary services, deployed 3,000 of its staff to work from home in just two days. It was a seamless transition for Group Contact Centre agents, some of whom have never worked from home before. The quick and painless implementation demonstrates how many businesses have had to adopt an agile strategy in response to the COVID-19 lockdown, so that they can continue as normally as possible.

View Markerstudy Press Release
Featured Case Study

Kelliher Insurance

With an integrated Mitel communications solution, Britannic has helped Kelliher Insurance Group to consolidate business communication services across its trade brands and to unlock previously unrecognised sales opportunities.

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