Harnessing Digital Technology to Transform the Student Experience 

Britannic specialises in assisting Higher Education institutions in undertaking a digital transformation endeavour, specifically focusing on student wellbeing and the integration of technology in higher education. Whether your objective is to upgrade your current telephony systems, enhance student engagement, streamline operations through automation, or establish a digitalised learning environment, we possess the expertise to guide you throughout the process. Our services are designed to support your institution's overall student wellbeing and technological advancements in the realm of higher education. 

Be prepared for the switch off

By 2025, BT will transition all customers from the outdated analogue PSTN to a comprehensive digital network, rendering ISDN obsolete. This presents an opportune moment to proactively prepare and strategize for your new infrastructure, which will offer enhanced flexibility for integrating and expanding services. We are committed to collaborating closely with you, gaining a deep understanding of your objectives and charting a path towards achieving them. Together, we will ensure a seamless transition and empower you to leverage the full potential of the advanced digital network. 

Reducing costs and improving flexibility

Embracing cloud-based telephony in higher education empowers you to harness the potential of technology advancements. Migrating your telephony to the cloud allows you to leverage innovative solutions, resulting in cost savings and a resilient communication infrastructure. This transition provides a dependable and robust foundation while offering the flexibility to seamlessly integrate additional technologies and applications as needed. By adopting cloud-based telephony, you can optimise your resources, enhance communication efficiency, and stay adaptable to future technological advancements in higher education. 

Improving student experience

Where students have heightened expectations, Universities and Colleges face the challenge of effectively attracting and retaining students. An integral part of this effort involves prioritising both student wellbeing and the enhancement of their overall experience. By offering comprehensive welfare services and leveraging communication channels such as social media, institutions can actively improve the student experience and foster meaningful engagement between staff and students. This approach not only supports student wellbeing but also strengthens the connection and collaboration within the academic community, ultimately creating a more enriching and fulfilling educational environment. 

Transforming enquiry management

Enhance the experience for students and staff by implementing a cost-effective digital interaction solution that automates essential processes like university clearing day communications, open day registrations, and admissions procedures. This transformative approach allows students and staff to instantly access information, eliminating delays and streamlining operations. By automating these processes, valuable staff members are freed from repetitive tasks, enabling them to dedicate their time and expertise to other crucial areas. This not only enhances efficiency but also empowers staff to deliver a higher level of support and engagement, ultimately improving the overall experience for students and staff alike. 

Connecting it all together

By integrating front and back-office systems, you can establish a unified view of digital interactions, seamlessly connecting disparate systems. This integration not only simplifies processes but also leads to reduced operating costs. By bringing together various technologies and systems, you can leverage the collected data to drive intelligent improvements and transform into a data-driven organisation. This data-driven approach empowers you to make informed decisions based on valuable insights, optimising operations, enhancing efficiency, and unlocking new opportunities for growth and innovation. 

A digital campus

Establish a digital campus to cultivate a dynamic learning environment that significantly enhances the student experience, fostering engagement and prioritising student welfare. By creating a digital learning ecosystem, you can provide a seamless and consistent omni-channel experience for all students. This digital campus embraces modern technologies and platforms, enabling students to interact, collaborate, and access resources with ease. Through this digital transformation, you can empower students to navigate their educational journey seamlessly, promoting engagement, connectivity, and a sense of belonging within the academic community. 

Trusted by frameworks for education

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Streamline university clearing day communications: simplifying and enhancing the process with Britannic  

The student and university clearing software and strategy developed by Britannic serve as the bedrock of effective clearing operations in educational institutions. Britannic enhances the process, making it smoother and straightforward without causing any interruptions to existing systems. The advantages of utilising our services extend beyond operational ease, with benefits such as an increase in placement rates and a notable enhancement in the experience of prospective students and their guarantors.

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Is your educational institution taking sufficient measures to safeguard the well-being of international students?

Pursuing education overseas can pose significant hurdles, especially for international students. They may grapple with issues like language obstacles, longing for home, cultural disparities, financial concerns, and experiences of bias. Universities can harness technology to lessen these problems, by employing tools like chat support in multiple languages and dedicated helplines for student welfare, thereby enriching the overall academic experience.

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A word from one of our happy customers

Joe Yeadon - IT Manager

Godalming College

I am so positive about Britannic, they are consistent with delivering an outstanding service, there is never any sales pressure, and if we have an issue, it is fixed immediately. They came to our rescue at the start of lockdown and as a result, we have now interviewed hundreds of students using their solution which has facilitated the admissions process.

Featured Case Study

Godalming College

Godalming College uses Mitel IP telephony and SIP across its campus. Achieving cost savings of up to half their telephony bill and flexibility to add new applications.

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