Why the G-Cloud Framework?

Buying services through government frameworks like G-Cloud provides Public Sector organisations with a faster, cheaper and simpler way of purchasing and managing cloud services.

What G-Cloud Framework does Britannic cover?

At Britannic, we are on the G-Cloud 13 Framework as a lot 2 Cloud Software supplier, this means that we can provide applications that are accessed over the internet and hosted in the cloud; our customers only pay for what they use.

Solutions delivered under the G-Cloud 13 Framework


Increase employee productivity and efficiency with Bizvu INBOX. Our highly effective email orchestration platform allows organisations to gain significant improvements in the management of inbound email handling. INBOX performs automation routines including triage; reading and categorisation, response and routing, then seamlessly process these into queues with business context, allowing data to become dynamic and facilitating automation to the correct agent or department. INBOX can integrate into contact centre platforms, CRM / databases, updating back office systems and efficiently handling document attachments.

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Bizvu BiziBOT

Be there for your customers with BiziBOT. BiziBOT blends workflow and intent-based interaction for maximum efficiency and conversational interaction. It provides clients with ChatBot Automation across digital-channels customer channels like Web Chat, Social Media Messaging, SMS and WhatsApp. BiziBOT provides both Intents and Flows to assist customers on anything from simple FAQs to more complex data acquisition and real-time validation.

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Effectively gather customer feedback and improve customer satisfaction with Bizvu REVIEWS. Produce surveys, feedback pop-ups and user reviews to your customers across channels like Voice, Web, MobileApp, Social Messages, WhatsApp, SMS and Emails. Client designed surveys, CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Surveys), NPS (Net Promoter Score) or CES (Customer Effort Score) reviews or feedbacks can be individually scored or designed and dynamically changing based upon earlier response or scores.

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Bizvu Messaging Platform

Reduce costs and empower your customers with Bizvu's Messaging Platform. Allow clients to connect and monitor their social channels for both Public or Direct Messaging and then respond and route accordingly into any contact centre & ticketing solutions, and/or CRM systems of record.

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Bizvu Performy

Improve organisational performance with Performy. Our platform enables business process automation and end-to-end digital events to deliver orchestrated processes by listening to systems of record to activate or trigger tasks and activities to enforce and fulfil outcomes. Performy is an integral building block for clients to triangulate between Ticketing, Contact Centre and CRM solutions.

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Mitel Subscription Licences

Improve collaboration and business communications with Mitel’s UC Platform. Mitel’s UC Platform offers flexible migration abilities, tools to offer customers excellent service and that streamlines the deployment model with speed, efficiency and simplicity. These are all valuable assets that ensure business viability and competitive advantage.

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Five9 IVA (Intelligent Virtual Agent)

Deliver high quality user experiences with Five9 Intelligent Virtual Agent, utilising the latest AI technologies (natural language processing, sentiment analysis, speech recognition, text-to-speech) to deliver intuitive, effective call resolution without a live agent. With the use of practical AI technology, we can automate routine and repetitive tasks with a Five9 intelligent virtual agent, allowing customers to have quick and successful interactions and allowing live agents to focus on more complex solutions for customers, whilst delivering significant efficiencies and fast ROI.

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Five9 CCaaS

Put customer experience at the heart of your business with Five9’s CCaaS. The Five9 Cloud Contact Centre provides a comprehensive suite of services for in and outbound customer service and support, including ACD and IVR, along with powerful outbound dialling capabilities to help you make more customer connections. Five9 encompasses a full omni-channel suite of services including email, chat, sms, whatsapp, social and 3rd party applications. Britannic augment the service offering with additional omni-channel capabilities, direct SIP connectivity for call routing and advanced call routing feature and in-house professional service expertise.

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NetX - SIP Trunking Portal

Secure, scalable, resilient and cost-effective SIP Trunking Service with NetX. SIP telephone routing service to support the move from PSTN / ISDN network to next generation SIP/IP calling. Provides cost reduction from line consolidation and replacement of legacy analogue and digital lines with dynamic call routing and enhanced management portal. Supports business continuity and increases service efficiency.

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Professional IVR Messaging Recording

Improve customer experience and retention with Professional IVR Messaging recording. Professional IVR prompt recordings and streaming on-hold and in-queue music services, geared towards improving the caller experience. It’s essential not to under estimate how important this can be in shaping your future client relationships.

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Britannic hosting for Mitel Systems

Deliver omni-channel customer experiences that make a difference. Many organisations have made large investments into Mitel platforms and technology. By migrating to Britannic cloud, organisations can protect that investment whilst also benefitting from the strength of Britannic's Private Cloud offer, security, proactive systems management and highly resilient hosting backed up with 99.999% service level guarantees.

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8x8 UC

Connect and grow your business on a unified communications platform that you can trust. 8x8 deliver a single end-to-end tech stack which encompasses a feature rich UCaaS solution alongside an omni-channel contact centre - CCaaS. Users are given Free of Charge calling to up to 48 international destinations along with voicemail, call recording and much more. The enterprise is given access to in depth management information and analytics to better understand telephony usage across the estate. Britannic augment the service offering with additional design, implementation and support services.

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8x8 CC/XCaaS

Get all the features you need for a full omni-channel experience with limitless capabilities. 8x8 presents all the business communications tools you need, rolled into one solution. Everything your employees require to communicate, collaborate, speak with customers and valuable data analytics in an easy to manage solution.

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4G/5G Data connectivity

Whether you need traffic encryption on a powerful connection, a reliable onsite rapid deployment for a temporary location, pre-ethernet, back up resilient routing over mobile connectivity or connect data SIMS and IoT devices we’ve got the perfect cellular router for you. All our 4G and 5G-ready cellular routers come complete with fully managed business grade mobile connectivity, as well as bespoke data plans tailored to your needs—so you can enjoy powerful, uninterrupted connectivity wherever you need to be.

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PCI Payment System

Improve customer experience through secure data handling with PCI Payment System – DTMF masking. Our Cloud Firewall technology solution auto-mutes DTMF tones at point of payment to securely capture payment card details during a live call when speaking with an agent and de-scopes the telephony environment from PCI DSS for payments. This certified PCI DSS Level 1 solution enables call recording compliance and IVR integration.

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Increase first call resolution and reduce interaction time with WebRTC - Web Real-Time Communications. This solution enables peer-to-peer browser-based applications for voice, video, file sharing and chat (similar to Skype, without browser software plug-ins). WebCall is a cloud “Digital Collaboration” service improving citizen communication over digital platforms. WebCall can be integrated into existing telephony and contact centre platforms - supporting Omni-channel contact.

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MS Teams Direct Routing

Give teams a voice with MS Teams Direct Routing. As voice specialists we provide a market leading Direct Routing service into MS Teams to provide highly available, secure and cost-effective direct routing, completed with telephony configuration, advice and application integration.

Find out more on MS Teams Direct Routing

Calabrio Workforce Management

Engage agents and satisfy customers—anytime, anywhere With Calabrio Workforce Management. Calabrio WFM is a highly agile and scalable workforce management platform enables accurate Forecasting, Scheduling and Intraday Management. The platform allows delivery of seamless experiences for customers, agents and contact centre managers—no matter where employees are working.

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Professional IVR Messaging Recording

Improve customer experience and retention with Professional IVR Messaging recording. Professional IVR prompt recordings and streaming on-hold and in-queue music services, geared towards improving the caller experience. It’s essential not to under estimate how important this can be in shaping your future client relationships.

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If you’d like to talk to us about how we can help your business or anything mentioned on the G-Cloud 13 framework, leave us a message.

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