Digital Transformation isn't even half the story.

Workplace Modernisation resolves the underlying business challenges 

Your business is not going to grow if all you’re doing is the same, but quicker.  Workplace Modernisation is a business movement that we live by. It’s about engineering the right culture, business change process and customer experiences that are underpinned; not made, by technology. In a world that moves faster than a launching rocket, you need solutions that evolve with your business.

It’s all about connecting your world.


Transformation Pillars of Modernisation

Implementing Digital as a Service (DaaS) offerings, our solutions will tackle your biggest business problems. Workplace Modernisation brings together your disparate systems and processes, but in light touch, low code way delivering efficiencies and better ways of working you never thought possible.

The four pillars underpin our core areas.

Contact Centre Modernisation

Enhance customer service, user experience and operational efficiency with clever solutions that give your agents a single pane of glass, map data to existing systems, introduce gamification and automate routine tasks.

Modernise and Optimise 


Connect your organisation, people services and systems securely. For optimised performance, availability and efficiency across WAN, LAN, WiFi and Cloud architectures.

Streamline my Business 


Collaboration is the key to modern productivity. Bring your teams together wherever they are, whenever they want, on any device. Unify your front and back office staff to boost customer satisfaction and employee engagement.

Improve Collaboration

Transformation Consultancy  

Roadmap your digital journey. With our blend of strategic advice, change management and solution design, we’ll take you where you need to go, and then some. With our future-proofed approach, you’ll always be thriving.  

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We’re the Solutions People.

Problem solving is what we do.

We solve business problems. Any problems. There’s more to us than just being a technology company. We understand what makes businesses tick and have some amazing plug in and go technologies that will set your business apart from the competition. Set us the challenge and see what we come up with!

Start your journey

Workplace Modernisation helps you step off the transformation treadmill.

Encapsulating what it means to create a better customer and employee experience, eliminate what you don’t need and ultimately maximize your business growth. – The reasons why you started your digital transformation in the first place!

Successful technology rollouts

Collaboration & team workspaces

Attract & retain talent

Future-proof solutions

Cloud delivery

New business processes and ways of working

Employee and customer engagement

Integrate legacy solutions with new overlay solutions

Solving business problems

We've already helped: 

Workplace Modernisation

Convergence Summit 2019

The digital transformation hype is everywhere and it’s too easy to get caught up. Workplace Modernisation is a business movement that is against implementing technology for the sake of it.

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Disruptive times lay ahead. And for those willing to thrive with the changing times, there’s the chance to lead markets and be the disruptor ion their industry.

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Deconstructing Digital Transformation

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7 Symptoms your Digital Transformation has become too much about Tech and not enough about People

7 Symptoms your Digital Transformation has become too much about Tech and not enough about People

There are so many technologies out there now, that it’s all too easy to get caught up in the digital hype. Placing the technology at the heart of transformation though, is a sure-fire way to send your business to an early grave.

Why? I’ll give you one good reason: your customers and employees need to come first. Business is about people. The moment you start to obsess and become too engrossed in the technology is the moment your digital transformation project starts to fail. We’re helping businesses to step off the transformation treadmill for a moment; refocus and realise what’s important.

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Step your Feet off the Transformation Treadmill: Why Digital Transformation isn’t the be all and end all

Step your Feet off the Transformation Treadmill: Why Digital Transformation isn’t the be all and end all

Digital transformation isn’t the panacea some claim it to be. We’re not telling you to ditch digital transformation because that would be a very bad idea, we’re asking you to see the bigger picture. Rebel, push back and question whether proposed digital solutions are really meeting your business needs. Time to step off the transformation treadmill and refocus on Workplace Modernisation. It’s something bigger than digital, a business movement that we live by.

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