Founded as Britannic Telecom in 1984, we quickly became known for our technical skills and ‘customer first’ approach. We became the first private company to install a telephone system for the BBC and soon developed a dedicated “phone in” system for the Radio 1 FM “Breakfast Show”, later rolled out to over 100 stations nationwide.

First to market with innovations spanning contact centre, network and CTI applications, we have since improved communications and business processes for hundreds of midsize customers. Our own product developments are sparked by genuine customer requirements and help us create outcome based communications solutions from market-leading components.

Today, we are an 80-strong team of managed communications technology and services specialists with a unique consultative approach. Our ideas injection opens minds to the possibilities of technology. Our strategic guidance aligns ICT with desired business outcomes. And our knack of combining communications technology into reliable transformative solutions sets us apart.


  1. Awarded Innovation Partner of the Year 2022 by Mitel
  2. Achieved ISO 20000 Certification
  3. Shortlisted CXMSTARS for best CX Professional
  4. Launch of Innovation Hub
  5. Awarded Cyber Essentials Plus


  1. CNA Best Enterprise UC Customer Solution Award
  2. Expands Portfolio with FIVE9 CCaaS
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Expanded Portfolio with FIVE9 CCaaS

8x8 Logo

Expanded Portfolio with 8x8 UCaaS

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Mitel Contact Centre Partner of the Year Award

for contributing the greatest revenue and capabilities in the Contact Centre sector with a staggering 41% year on year growth.


  1. CNA Best Enterprise Contact Centre of the Year Award
  2. Comms Business Mid-Market Convergence Solution of the Year Award
  3. Provides first cloud telephony solution in 2012 using mainstream technology and introducing 99.999% SLAs
  4. Builds cloud platform in 2011 and introduces multicarrier MPLS and NOC


  1. Launches SIP Exchange platform, NetX
  2. CRN Converged Reseller of the Year Award
  3. Deploys first virtualised telephony and contact centre solution
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CNA Enterprise Mobile Solution of the Year Award

for delivery of our Total Business Plan solution, which provides the customer with one unified billing platform and contract, regardless of handset type or user location.


  1. Britannic Telecom became Britannic Technologies
  2. Acquired a software house
  3. Introduced BriPORTAL and SIP, networking and VoIP


  1. Writes Reporting Universe for Avaya INDeX
  2. Centralises 70 locations in 1 phone-in application
  3. Minc hybrid phone system features the 1st affordable Automatic Call Distributor & 20-agent call centre application with integrated call management software for improved reporting
  4. Pioneers on-air phone-in solution for BBC Radio 1 for multiple caller management during live broadcasts. Britannic becomes the 1st private telecom company to implement a telephone system for the BBC.


The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) had been working on PDQ machines for payments over the phone; this proved time consuming and inefficient. We moved them to SIP telephony and a cloud PCI solution to increase efficiencies and make compliance easier.

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The Technology

  1. DTMF portal
  2. NetX SIP portal

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