Stop searching, start innovating

You could waste time and money trying to handle it all in house. Or you could let Britannic apply our deep expertise to give you freedom. 
Our intelligent managed services are available for: 

  • Network Services - We'll monitor and manage your network infrastructure to boost productivity. Gain usage insights to make data-driven decisions about growth and improvements. 
  • Unified Communications - Ensure your call, video, and messaging systems stay up and running smoothly. We’ll provide actionable recommendations on data insights so you can better connect customers and employees. 
  • Digital Services - Want to launch a new automated chatbot or SMS campaign? As an award winner in delivering UC & CCaaS offerings, we have the knowledge and resources to digitalise and  automate processes while you stay focused on your customers. 
  • Contact Centre - Running your own contact centre can be time consuming and costly. We offer tailored solutions to streamline operations and workflows, enhancing customer interactions, whilst saving you resources. So, you can focus on your core business and ensure highest service delivery. 

What are our Intelligent Managed Services?

Simply put, it's outsourcing vital IT and communications support to experts like us so you can refocus your resources. Britannic takes care of maintenance, monitoring, and optimisation with an added layer of insight so you can direct energy and resources toward innovation and growth. 

With Britannic's intelligent approach, you get: 

  • Proactive performance insights and recommendations 
  • Enhanced scalability as your business needs change 
  • Risk mitigation across essential systems 
  • Quantifiable metrics to track service levels 
  • Data to provide actionable insights 

This enables you to operate with greater agility while we provide the structure to uphold your strategy behind the scenes. 

Andrew Nash discusses how Britannic's Managed Services exceed the industry standard.

As an award-winning consultative technology reseller, Britannic offers intelligent managed services centred around your needs. We provide informative insights and expertise so you can stop worrying about the day-to-day and start unlocking your full potential. 

Industry standard managed services

Go beyond standard services

Typical managed service providers focus on basics like break-fix requests, alarms monitoring, and standard reporting. While this takes some tasks off your team’s plate, you miss out on transformational insights and expertise. 

We offer something more advanced: Intelligent Managed Services. The core difference lies in our informative insights and service-centred approach. 

Our Standard Service includes: 

  • Break/fix management 
  • Access to Britannic’s Customer Zone Portal and Knowledge base 
  • Choice of SLA 

Additional Services include: 

  • Business Continuity Planning 
  • Alarms 

As your trusted partner, we act as an extension of your team. Our experts provide the technical knowledge and experience to continuously evolve your systems in step with your business. This lets you operate with agility while we uphold reliability and continuity behind the scenes. 
Our Customer Promise ensures responsive, transparent, and proactive communication every step of the way.

Britannic's Intelligent Managed Services deliver:

  • Moves, Adds, Changes and Deletions
  • Proactive performance insights and improvement recommendations
  • Quantifiable metrics aligned to your service targets
  • Ongoing optimisations to enhance operations
  • Innovative upgrades to keep you competitive
  • Risk mitigation so you can focus ahead

Let us help you unlock your potential

Contact us today to learn more about our intelligent managed services offerings tailored to help you achieve your aspirations. 

With Intelligent Managed Services, you no longer need to play catch-up. Shift your focus to unlocking your business potential. Transform operations, boost efficiencies and innovations. Attract customers to drive profitable growth.

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