Increase human value with email automation.

Improve the way your organisation views and processes emails and tasks, acting as a front-end digital filter to ensure the right team receives their messages and tasks in a prioritised and organised way.


It enables streamlined email communication, allowing prompt and personalised responses to customer enquiries. Therefore, enhancing overall customer satisfaction and loyalty. It is able to prioritise and present emails to agents so none will be missed.

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“We were inundated with emails and web forms and our agents couldn’t respond within the time frame the residents would expect.

We also had no control over what was coming into the contact centre, therefore couldn’t meet the demands of residents.”

Coral Bannister, Digital Contact Centre Manager, Peabody


Capture what your customers are thinking.

Knowing your customers has never been more vital. With customer experience being a key basis for competition and the emphasis on becoming data-driven, you need to be able to capture your customers’ thoughts. REVIEWS provides the perfect solution for capturing, managing and acting upon your customer feedback.

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Core capabilities and functionality

  • Automate post-interaction surveys
  • Dynamic questions
  • Phone system agnostic
  • Low review flagging and routing
  • Consistent with your brand
  • Flexible delivery
  • Real-time customer feedback dashboards
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A supportive chatbot and colleague

We know your agents are irreplaceable, but wouldn’t you like to empower them to focus on higher value areas? BiziBOT takes some of the drudge away from your agents by answering simpler (or even more complex!) customer enquiries. You can utilise BiziBOT across any channel, from social media sites like Facebook to more traditional platforms like your website. Achieve higher customer service ratings, implement online self-service and increase the engagement with customers across your business.

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Allow agents to work on priority customers

  • Multiple channels including Social Media and Websites
  • Answers easy, mundane and repetative questions (but can also answer complex!)
  • Low-code, meaning quick and easy set-up
  • Free's up Agent time to deal with priority customers or urgent tasks/enquiries
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Lets transform your business.

Our solutions can improve employee efficiency and create a better experience for your customers. Get in touch now.

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