of customers will leave your business because of a bad customer experience.*

*Forbes 2022

At Britannic, we work with some of the biggest names and leading innovators in the telephony, digital and workplace modernisation space (such as 8x8, Calabrio, Five9, Zoom, Google, Microsoft and Mitel) to improve customer experience management and fulfillment: making systems more collaborative, responsive and easy to use, scale and optimise.

When customer experience software and customer experience strategy are harmonised it not only enhances customer support and success, it also improves employee morale and boost employee loyalty and retention.

Benefits of Britannic’s customer experience software and consultancy

Increase first contact resolution

Resolve customer enquiries at first touch, no matter the channel. Triage queries straight to the right department for immediate responses and bring instant gratification with self-service options.   

Single-pane of glass

Empower agents with a single screen view and respond to customer queries. Are your agents using 10+ systems each day, like most? Our mission is to cut this right down.

Save with automated processes

Take away the mundane and menial tasks, saving time and money. With smart tagging, rules and filters you can easily categorise and organise your enquiries your sales agents and contact centre reps can prioritise responses.   

More self-service options

Provide instant responses to enquires or problems with self-service portals. From knowledge-based ticketing options to automated chatbots, present your customers with the instant responses they need to any enquiry or problem. Create workflow automation to escalate to a human agent if necessary.

Proactive customer engagement

Let your customer choose what channel they engage with you on, whether that be phone, email, SMS, webchat, social media or WhatsApp. Shift to a more proactive way of delivering customer experiences.

Scale and flex in the Cloud

With digital customer experiences and contact centre solutions that can be delivered from the cloud, you can easily scale to meet your needs. Pay for the services you use and decide whether you’d like it hosted private or publicly, hybrid, solely in the cloud (or on-premise if you wish). Our B•CONNECTED cloud platform to delivers end-to-end solutions.

Broadening and improving customer experience channels

Emma Graham, Project Manager


A huge thank you for the help and support we’ve had from Britannic to get our new customer contact channels up and running, especially given the incredibly tight timescales. Project management and engineering were responsive and available, got the job done quickly and effectively, and we are live without a snag.

Woman with headset on

Modernise your contact centre

We design, deliver and continually add value to contact centre environments and customer experience software in close partnerships with our customers and world-leading vendors (like Zoom, Mitel, Five9 and 8x8).

Discover our contact centre solutions
Customer Chat Robot

Contextual communication apps and chatbots

Our contextual applications and artificial intelligence will work hard to support your organisation’s customer experience strategy and provide the option of self-serve. 

Discover contextual apps and AI

Chatbots and AI are the future


of global consumers had an interaction with a chatbot over the last 12 months (Source: invesp)


of consumers have switched brands at least once in the last year. (Source: Connected Customer Report - Salesforce Research)


of interactions powered by AI will be indistinguishable from humans by 2025 (Source: Servion)

Email automation reimagined

Email automation increases productivity and helps you gain more human value from your team. INBOX helped a council deflect 60% of their emails from their contact centre in under two weeks. They are seeing fantastic ROI from INBOX. See what your return could be with our quick and easy ROI calculator.  Get started today and see how Britannic can help your business optimise its technology spend.

Try the INBOX ROI Calculator Learn more about INBOX
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Voice data, analytics, recording and compliance

From landline to mobile calls to instant messages and online video communications, we’ll help you meet the legal requirements of the FCA and PCI. Gain valuable insights with voice data analytics.

Discover voice data, analytics and compliance

What are the pain points when it comes to customer experience?

Slow response times

We are in a time where patience is not a virtue. Nearly half of all of customers (46%) expect companies to respond faster than 4 hours. While 12% expect a response within 15 minutes or less.

Lack of real-time engagement

Customers prefer to talk to someone either over the phone, through web chat or video chat. In fact, only 23% of customers seek face to face interactions for complicated customer service issues.

Being transferred to multiple agents

Many customers complain about having to repeat their issue to multiple agents and waste time being transferred. This happens when business’ workflows are not properly aligned with the chosen communication channel.

Excessive customer service automation

While customer service automation can improve resolution speed and convenience, it’s important not to get carried away with automation. An excessive use of customer service automation can leave customers frustrated, especially if all they want to do is speak to a contact centre rep.

Poor support and lack of analytics

Transparency is everything and customers have vast swathes of information when researching your business, if the agent doesn’t match this knowledge, it leaves the customer doubting the authenticity and future support they’ll receive. Utilising solutions to help train and support your staff to be better customer service champions means the customer is happier, but also the employee is happier and feels valued.

Not providing an immediate response

Over 80% of customers say they expect an immediate response to customer service enquiries, whether this is an acknowledgement or speaking to an agent to fix the problem. Furthermore, letting the customer know when you’ll get back about their enquiry if not immediately allows the customer to feel secure that they’ll receive the support they need.

Lack of consistent channel service

Everyone is different, some customers prefer to use WhatsApp whilst others enjoy using the telephone. Regardless of which channel customers use they should expect consistent, quality service. Businesses that don’t focus on omnichannel strategies lose customers to those that do.

Can’t locate customer history

96% of businesses say that personalisation is an important part of their customer service strategies in the next 3 years. When a customer talks to an agent they will be frustrated if they have to repeat themselves. Additionally, your employees will seem unprepared, lengthening the customer resolution time and ultimately annoying the customer.

Omni-Channel Experience

Deliver a Truly Omni-Channel Experience

Customers want to contact you whenever, wherever and on whichever channel they choose.

Our omni-channel customer experience management and customer experience software work in harmony whether the interaction takes place across the phone, email, webchat, WhatsApp or social media (to name a few).

Using our orchestration layer, we’re able to automate processes, leverage your data and handoff actions straight to the correct department for resolution.

Britannic's Intelligent Managed Services

We take managed services to the next level with our "Intelligent” Managed Service. This solution provides everything you’d expect from a managed service but extends to offer valuable insights across your IT and communications environments to help drive innovation and growth, rather than just focusing on transactional day-to-day IT management and operational issues.

We aim to be more than just a standard managed service provider – our intelligent manage service will make us an essential partner in helping you achieve business success. Our approach centres around transparency, consultancy, and proactive communication to deliver robust IT and communications solutions tailored to your needs. We also ensure business benefits like predictable costs, improved productivity and scalability, access to experts, and risk mitigation, freeing you up to focus on your core business.

Learn more about our Intelligent Managed Services
Key benefits include:
  • Removes the burden from you for day-to-day transactional activities such as Adds, Moves, Changes and Deletions.
  • Performance reporting and trend analysis to boost planning and efficiency
  • Healing your business optimise call routing and workflows based on SIP usage insights
  • Providing high level Contact centre analytics to improve customer experience
  • System Monitoring to proactively resolve and remedy issues
  • Delivers predictable costs and reduced overhead
  • Gain access to our expert skills and support

Customer experience management, strategy and software FAQ

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