Britannic’s Partnership 'Summit' status in 8x8's Elevate Programme

As a Summit partner on the 8x8 Elevate channel programme, Britannic has earned the highest and most prestigious recognition, highlighting our commitment to exceptional customer service, sales growth, and technical expertise and why Britannic go above and beyond other 'resellers'. This status within the four-tiered Elevate programme reflects our deep customer collaboration and strategic alignment with their objectives, enhancing both business performance and customer experiences.

"Britannic has shown impressive growth this year and demonstrated unwavering commitment to 8x8, truly setting the bar high as a valuable partner. Britannic's steadfast focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences aligns perfectly with our values, and we look forward to helping more customers realise the benefits of cloud solutions together." - Lisa Del Real, Channel Chief at 8x8 Inc.

Why Britannic is much more than an 8x8 reseller and vendor

Unparalleled 8x8 expertise and Summit Partner

Britannic has the highest achievable accolade of partner status. We pride ourselves on a robust partnership with 8x8, grounded in mutual trust, extensive experience, and comprehensive knowledge. Our collaboration brings forth cutting-edge technology, backed by a partner deeply committed to understanding, advising, and acting in your best interests.

Objective, strategic consultancy and management

Recognised as industry leaders in customer service and satisfaction, Britannic is dedicated to fostering trusted, close-knit relationships with our clients. Our approach is centred on providing tailored and personable account management, ensuring that our advice and strategies are always in line with your specific needs.

Britannic 8x8 Summit Partner Award Graphic
Tangible business improvements

Our dedicated account managers take on consultative approach, they will work in partnership with you to meet your expectations, solve business problems, and enable successful modernisation. By using appropriate technology they will ensure a seamless end-to-end transition and solution delivery with minimal risk through structured onboarding and implementation plans. 

Focus on continuous improvement and innovation

Our clients choose Britannic for long-term partnerships. We are not just attuned to the latest trends; we actively shape strategies and innovate to position your business for a successful future.

Customisable solutions with advanced technology

Leveraging the potential of XCaaS, Britannic offers market-leading, proven enhancements that allow businesses to tailor and adapt technology to meet their unique requirements. Our additional solutions and APIs provide the flexibility and customisation essential for dynamic business environments.

Britannic and 8x8 happy customers and testimonials

Man In Cleaning Call Centre
Rainbow International gains work-from-anywhere agility with 8x8 and Britannic

For a service business like Rainbow, the UK’s leading supplier of disaster recovery and specialist cleaning services, high-quality communications is of paramount importance. 8x8’s cloud-based XCaaS platform enables the company to meet its commitment to high standards of excellence and reliability

  • Remote working: Able to work and collaborate remotely, from wherever they are and from any device.
  • All under one roof: No need for separate licenses or apps. The single application handles voice, messaging, video and audio conferencing, mobility and team collaboration.
  • User-friendly: Intuitive interface has required minimal staff training and eased the transition from the legacy system.
  • Staff empowerment: Staff can control their availability, setting the app to allow calls on days and times when staff are working.
  • Staff anonymity: No need to display personal numbers as the app can display any chosen number as a company number.
Read how Britannic and 8x8 increased Rainbow International's responsiveness and customer service
8x8 and Britannic partnership endorsement

"We are delighted to endorse the partnership between 8x8 and Britannic, to provide our unified communications and cloud contact centre solution. Britannic has achieved 8x8's highest level of technical and support accreditation for a reseller and partner, allowing them to self-deploy and fully manage 8x8 services, underpinned by 8x8 support hubs to ensure full 24x7 support."

Jamie Snaddon VP, General Counsel & Managing Director, EMEA

Britannic always going above and beyond

"I have nothing but praise for Britannic. The quality of service and support, and attention to detail went beyond my expectations. The seamless, uninterrupted transition was thanks to Britannic’s structured onboarding methods and their clear, jargon-free approach. We really were in safe hands, and I feel sure they will guide us well in the future as we continue to transform our customer engagement."

Operations Director, Rainbow International

8x8 cloud communications solutions

Woman smiling with headset
Why invest in an 8x8 cloud communications solution

Investing in an 8x8 cloud communications solution offers a strategic advantage for businesses due to its unparalleled features and reliability. With advanced unified communications capabilities, including voice, video, chat, and contact centre solutions, 8x8 ensures seamless collaboration and customer engagement across channels. Moreover, 8x8's robust security measures guarantee data protection and compliance. By choosing 8x8 through Britannic, businesses not only invest in cutting-edge technology but also in a partner committed to driving their success through innovation, efficiency, and unparalleled customer support.

Find out more about our 8x8 solutions
Spotlight: 8x8 Voice for Microsoft Teams

Don’t compromise on call quality. 8x8 is a cloud platform with advanced telephony and contact centre capabilities for Microsoft Teams.

  • Unlimited global calling
  • Integrated cloud contact centre 
  • Advanced telephony and contact centre analytics
  • Out the box integrations for major CRM and business productivity apps to support Microsoft Teams

Maximise your Microsoft Teams investment
Find out for yourself why 8x8 think we're one of their best partners.

Speak with a member of our team about 8x8, use the form to request a demo or schedule in a quick chat.

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