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Britannic’s 'Apex' Status in 8x8's Elevate Programme

Britannic has been awarded 'Apex' status in the 8x8 ‘Elevate’ channel programme. A leading global initiative prioritising exceptional customer experience, dedication, sales growth, and technical expertise among partners.

The 'Elevate' programme consists of four tiers – Basecamp, Peak, Apex, and Summit. By closely collaborating with customers to understand their objectives and strategies, Britannic and 8x8 demonstrate how technology can drive business performance improvements and enhance customer and employee experiences.

"Britannic has shown impressive growth this year and demonstrated unwavering commitment to 8x8, truly setting the bar high as a valuable partner. Britannic's steadfast focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences aligns perfectly with our values, and we look forward to helping more customers realise the benefits of cloud solutions together.

Lisa Del Real, Channel Chief at 8x8 Inc

Is 8x8 XCaaS the right fit for my business?

8x8 XCaaS for Medium-sized businesses

8x8's XCaaS is well-suited for medium-sized businesses that require robust communication tools to support their growing workforce or are looking for a seamless and reliable joined-up cloud platform. With 8x8's XCaaS, these businesses can streamline communication across departments, enable remote work, improve customer interactions, and enhance productivity. The scalability of the solution allows them to expand as their needs evolve.

8x8 XCaaS for large businesses

8x8 XCaaS can meet the complex communication requirements of large enterprises as it provides enterprise-grade features, advanced integrations, and high scalability to support a large number of employees across multiple locations. The scalability allows large organisations who require change on a large or global scale to quickly reorganise their communications and employee licenses with minimal disruption.

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The core capabilities of 8x8 XCaaS solution

8x8 XCaaS solutions encompass a range of core capabilities that enable effective communication and collaboration. Here are some of the key capabilities offered by 8x8 XCAAS.

Analytics and reporting

XCaaS solutions often provide analytics and reporting capabilities, giving businesses insights into communication patterns, call volumes, and user behavior. These insights can help identify areas for improvement, optimize workflows, and make data-driven decisions to increase productivity.

Reliable, secure and trustworthy

8x8 XCaaS is built on robust and reliable cloud infrastructure. This ensures high availability and minimal downtime for communication services, reducing interruptions and maximizing employee productivity. Additionally, 8x8 typically offers technical support and service level agreements (SLAs) to address any issues promptly.

Truly unified communications

XCaaS integrates various communication channels into a single platform, allowing employees to access voice calls, video conferencing, instant messaging, and team collaboration tools from a unified interface. This consolidation streamlines communication, reduces the need to switch between multiple applications, and saves time.

Advanced calling features

 XCaaS offers advanced calling features, including call forwarding, call routing, auto-attendants, and voicemail transcription. These features enhance call management, reduce response times, and enable employees to handle calls more efficiently.

Integration with over 45 applications

XCAAS can integrate with other business applications such as customer relationship management (CRM) systems, help desk software, and productivity tools. This integration eliminates the need to switch between applications, enhances workflow efficiency, and enables employees to access relevant information seamlessly.

Mobility and Remote Work

XCaaS solutions are designed to support mobile and remote work environments. Employees can access their communication tools and collaborate with colleagues regardless of their location, using smartphones, tablets, laptops, or desktop computers. This flexibility improves productivity by enabling employees to work efficiently from anywhere.

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Britannic and 8x8, the go-to choice for a company that needs swift, reliable and consistent customer service

For a service business like Rainbow, high-quality communications is of paramount importance. 8x8’s cloudbased XCaaS platform enables the company to meet its commitment to high standards of excellence and reliability

  • Remote working: Able to work and collaborate remotely, from wherever they are and from any device.
  • All under one roof: No need for separate licenses or apps. The single application handles voice, messaging, video and audio conferencing, mobility and team collaboration.
  • User-friendly: Intuitive interface has required minimal staff training and eased the transition from the legacy system.
  • Staff empowerment: Staff can control their availability, setting the app to allow calls on days and times when staff are working.
  • Staff anonymity: No need to display personal numbers as the app can display any chosen number as a company number.
Read how Britannic and 8x8 increased Rainbow International's responsiveness and customer service

Spotlight: 8x8 Voice for Microsoft Teams

Don’t compromise on call quality. 8x8 is a cloud platform with advanced telephony and contact centre capabilities for Microsoft Teams.

  • Unlimited global calling for Microsoft Teams
  • Integrated cloud contact centre for Microsoft Teams
  • Advanced telephony and contact centre analytics for Microsoft Teams
  • Out the box integrations for major CRM and business productivity apps to support Microsoft Teams

Why Select Britannic Technologies as your 8x8 Partner?

Highest level of 8x8 expertise

Britannic and 8x8 is a strong partnership built on trust, experience and knowledge. Great technology complemented by a partner you can trust to listen, advise and act in your best interests.

Impartial and considered advice and management

Britannic are industry leaders when it comes to customer service and satisfaction. Our key values are built on forming trusted and close-knit relationships with our customers through dedicated and personable account management.

Business communications experts

With over 30+ years of implementing solutions that improve employee and customer experience and engagement, Britannic are the safest bet to help enact change within your organisation.

Continual improvement and vision

Customers stay with Britannic for the long term. We don't just have our finger on the pulse, we focus on strategy and innovation, positioning businesses well for the future.

Additional solutions, advancements and APIs

XCaaS has the power to go further with Britannic, as we have our own market-leading, powerful and proven enhancements allowing businesses to customise and flex to their specific requirements.

8x8 and Britannic partnership endorsement

Jamie Snaddon VP, General Counsel & Managing Director, EMEA

"We are delighted to endorse the partnership between 8x8 and Britannic Technologies, to provide our unified communications and cloud contact centre solution. Britannic has achieved 8x8's highest level of technical and support accreditation, allowing them to self-deploy and fully manage 8x8 services, underpinned by 8x8 support hubs to ensure full 24x7 support."

The power of an 8x8 and Britannic partnership - The X Series

"Changing something as critical as a communications platform is a big undertaking, but the well-thought-out onboarding process gave us confidence and mitigated the risks. Implementing 8x8’s X Series and utilising the 8x8 Work platform has meant that we are truly able to operate from anywhere. This is already reaping benefits, both with our staff who have returned to the office, and with those working remotely".

Ben Barnes, Group Head of IT, DRC Group

One Unified Communications Solution

X2: Integrated Communications

  • One click from chat to voice to video meetings
  • Company-wide team messaging
  • HD video conferencing with screen sharing
  • Integration with CRM & business applications

X4: Smarter Global Engagement

Includes X2 capabilities plus:

  • Unlimited global calling for UC across 47 countries
  • Supervisor & service quality analytics
  • Streamline call handling with Switchboard Pro
  • Call quality reporting

Add a Contact Centre

X6: Basic Contact Centre

All X4 capabilities plus:

    • Voice-focused contact centre
    • One click subject matter expert access
    • Customer engagement analytics
    • Customisable wallboards & dashboards

X7: One CCaaS Interface for Voice and Digital

X7 included all X6 features plus:

    • Social media
    • Chat, email & SMS
    • Co-browsing capabilities

X8: Customer Experience Transformation

Includes all X7 feature plus:

  • Integrate voice, email, webchat and social media
  • Advanced speech and interaction analytics
  • Quality collaborative performance management
  • Screen-recording, real-time multi-screen monitoring

Operations Director

Rainbow International

I have nothing but praise for Britannic. The quality of service and support, and attention to detail went beyond my expectations. The seamless, uninterrupted transition was thanks to Britannic’s structured onboarding methods and their clear, jargon-free approach.  We really were in safe hands, and I feel sure they will guide us well in the future as we continue to transform our customer engagement.

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