Amplifying Technology in The Legal Sector 

Staying ahead of the trends in legal technology is essential. We're here to help you modernise and expand your business communications. By partnering with us, you'll not only experience a remarkable transformation in your operations but also gain a distinct edge over your competitors. We are committed to enhancing your technological capabilities, enabling you to stand out and thrive in today's dynamic legal industry.

Working with experts

With over 30 years in the industry, we specialise in integrating technology in legal to enhance business operations. Our approach is to work closely with you, understanding your business and your clients' journey. Our aim is to leverage advanced legal technology to bolster your communications, thereby enriching your clients' experience. Our expertise lies in tailoring technology solutions to your unique needs, elevating your practice to new heights of client satisfaction. 

Clouds the limit

Leveraging law firm technology through cloud-based telephony allows you to construct, manage, and deploy your chosen applications in a secure and economical manner. This technological shift provides an easy pathway for your law firm to adapt to modern communication needs while prioritising cost-effectiveness and data security. 

Collaborating for success

Unify your lawyers, staff, and clients through Microsoft Teams, empowering them with the versatility to communicate and collaborate regardless of location. This seamless connection fosters greater productivity and engagement, ensuring efficient and cohesive interactions across your team and clientele. 

Automating processes

Optimise time and resources by automating processes like contracts, corporate counsel, or communications, thereby enhancing your efficiency and client experience. Leveraging our digital interaction management solution, you can manage and prioritise all inquiries from a unified view. Moreover, our solutions facilitate the creation, storage, and retrieval of legal documents online, streamlining your workflows and making information access easier and quicker for all involved parties. 

PCI Compliance

Our extensive cloud-based PCI DSS solutions guarantee that your corporate data is safeguarded against security and compliance breaches, providing you with the utmost level of data protection in capable hands. 

Data is the answer

Leverage your law firm technology to maximise data insights, gaining valuable knowledge about clients and internal processes. Utilise this intelligence to continuously enhance your services and deliver exceptional outcomes. 

A word from one of our happy customers

Simon Gatward - IT Director


We now have a resilient and scalable communications network that will take us into the future. The flexibility that the solution, especially SIP, presents us with is invaluable for cost savings and freeing up the IT team.

Solicitor man on phone with client in front of laptop

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Discover the five ground-breaking technologies that are reshaping the legal industry. From artificial intelligence to blockchain and cloud computing, this insightful article explores how these innovations are disrupting traditional practices and revolutionising the way legal professionals work. Gain valuable insights into how these technologies can enhance efficiency, streamline processes, and deliver better outcomes for clients. Whether you're a lawyer, legal professional, or simply curious about the future of law, this blog piece provides a compelling overview of the transformative technologies shaping the legal landscape.

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Featured Case Study


UK law firm, RadcliffesLeBrasseur has taken a forward-thinking approach to business communications by adopting SIP for cost-effective call routing and absolute availability, boosting client service at minimal cost.

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We’d love to start discussing your plans today. Improving your clients' experience through smart use of technology and solutions and automating the vast amount of paper-work and digitising information into easily digestible pieces is what'll set your firm apart from the other antiquated, old ones.

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