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We provide more than just contact centre software

Your journey as a changemaker likely contains many common challenges that we have solved for others. Our unique blend of consultative and integration skills, contact centre software applications and tools provide the stepping stones for your journey at your pace.

Systems and application integrations

Our platform is the ultimate contact centre amplifier; by connecting your communication platform with your CRM and contact centre software applications, you can harness the power of smooth, seamless information flow. Your telephony-related expenses will start to dimish and productivity rises, reducing the cost to serve greatly.

Management, data and recording

Get complete, real-time transparency, data and historic analytics to help measure the performance of your contact centre. With our partner eco-system, we deliver the best-in-class advice and solutions to optimise service levels and identify the need for further training and support agents.

Customer self-service and automation

First-call resolution is the customer's dream experience, so why deny them? With intelligent call routing and intuitive self-service options. Inbound automation speeds up low touch interactions and frees up your best skilled contact centre agents to solve complex customer issues and add weight to higher-value interactions.

Enhance customer channels

We help you integrate your social media channels into the contact centre for rapid, personal social service and live interactions with your customers. Issues get resolved on the spot and questions answered to shortend the customer journey accompanied by full and detailed analytics making the agents job faster and easier.

Our super-star digital applications and add-ons

Streamline multiple inboxes

Automate emails, tickets and responses based on smart rules and tagging.

Give your contact centre agents complete digital enquiry visibility. INBOX works to automatically read, respond or route your emails, social media interactions, chat, and WhatsApp messages. It can prioritise, categorise, and create queues and tickets for fulfilment.

  • Automates mundane and repeatable processes to allow your agents to focus on priority customers
  • Non-invasive and rapid deployment
  • Consistent message handling
  • Easy integration with your contact centre

Learn more about INBOX

Intent-based chatbot

Customer self-service leads to greater customer satisfaction.

You can utilise BiziBOT across any channel, from social media sites like Facebook to more traditional platforms like your website. Achieve higher customer service ratings, implement online self-service and increase engagement with customers across your business.

  • Deliver instant routing, FAQs and automated responses
  • Automate the collection of data before passing to an agent, reducing contact time
  • Automate ID&V
  • Chatbots can deliver a 40-80% call deflection rate

Learn more about Bizibot

Non-intrusive feedback

Understand what your customers really think.

With our solution, REVIEWS, you'll be able to capture your customers’ thoughts without being intrusive. REVIEWS provide the perfect solution for capturing, managing and acting upon your customer feedback.

  • Dynamic and flexible surveys
  • No dependency on PBX
  • Automatically act on and route low scored reviews

Learn more about REVIEWS

Introducing Calabrio Workforce Management (WFM) contact centre software

A flexible approach for the modern contact centre and employees.

Britannic with partner Calabrio are eager to showcase the functionality and benefits of our WFM (Workforce Management) contact centre software that allows managers easy, proactive and reactive support for their staff and the tools to empower and train them. With over 15+ functions and a number of benefits that aren't afforded by other contact centre software we're confident you'll be impressed by our offering.

  • Agent self-service functionality, breaks, lunches and schedules and overtime
  • Shift bidding provides employees the ability to tailor their prefered work schedule
  • Agents can notify you of their overtime availability in advance, meaning they are able to quickly cover for emergencies or sick leave
  • Shift trading and holiday planning
  • Data insights and metrics available to every agent for greater team cohesion
  • Shared workforce calendar and auto-notifications of team changes or reschedules
  • Real-time adherence metrics help managers reward employees who regularly hit KPI's and offer support for those who need it.

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You're in safe hands with us

I have nothing but praise for Britannic. The quality of service and support, and attention to detail went beyond my expectations. The seamless, uninterrupted transition was thanks to Britannic’s structured onboarding methods and their clear, jargon-free approach. We really were in safe hands, and I feel sure they will guide us well in the future as we continue to transform our customer engagement.

Kerry Bhella - Operations Director

Rainbow International

Mercury Holidays

Mercury, an award-winning holiday and escorted tours company, manages thousands of digital interactions with INBOX. Britannic deployed their digital INBOX to streamline customer enquiries with categorised, automated and prioritised responses.

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One of the largest full-service dental and healthcare suppliers in the UK wanted to modernise its workplace and improve customer experience. Britannic improved customer service levels dramatically enabling them to streamline communications and increase efficiencies.

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Dentist tools


The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) had been working on PDQ machines for payments over the phone; this proved time consuming and inefficient. We moved them to SIP telephony and a cloud PCI solution to increase efficiencies and make compliance easier.

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The Technology

  1. DTMF portal
  2. NetX SIP portal

North Hertfordshire District Council

Britannic delivers faster services and significant cost savings for North Hertfordshire District Council through the deployment of a resilient Mitel UC and Contact Centre solution.

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North Herts Council
People looking at computer

University of Kent: Clearing

Kent gears up for Clearing in February with testing commencing in April. They take advantage of Britannic’s Clearing Readiness Service which provides extensive SIP load testing and failover testing in advance along with on-site support on the day, adding further reassurance. A wide number of contingencies were put in place to ensure smooth delivery but were not needed as all went according to plan.

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UK law firm, RadcliffesLeBrasseur has taken a forward-thinking approach to business communications by adopting SIP for cost-effective call routing and absolute availability, boosting client service at minimal cost.

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Legal Team Technology

Advance Housing and support

The journey to provide the best quality housing and support services and transform lives has moved a step forward with the provision of a managed wide area network and a centralised communications platform from Britannic Technologies to replace its separate, aging systems across 60 sites and reduce billing complexities.

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Front of house

Our cloud contact centre and migrations

The cloud contact centre is a need, not a want.

PTSN Lines are switching off in 2025.

The window to migrate to a cloud contact centre is closing. Cloud technology is dominating the market and making it almost compulsory for physical contact centres to shift to a virtual space; on-premise contact centre's are no longer fit for purpose or cost-effective. They prohibit remote working and business expansion.

Most new apps, add-ons and software are also cloud-based, meaning, physical contact centres won't benefit from newer technology.

Looking to upgrade or gain additional benefits?

Cloud contact centres are flexible and scalable in terms of licensing and workforce needs. This means greater cost reductions as contact centre applications can match business objectives and periods throughout the year where more or less staff are needed.

Britannic has a suite of in-house applications such as B-Connected and NetX, which give unprecedented security, analytics and data and call management.


B•CONNECTED as our cloud platform for delivering your communications infrastructure and value-add applications. You can choose whether you'd like your future cloud contact centre to be hosted in our private cloud or a public one such as Azure, AWS or Google Cloud, or simply migrated to one of these.


Migrating from fixed lines to SIP with Britannic allows for real-time insight into communications and call behaviour. We also manage this transition with no down-time to your usual operation, allowing for a seamless and smooth transition.


Our NetX SIP portal is the perfect addition to any cloud contact centre, with a wealth of functionality that allows for transparent and easy management of day-to-day calls both in-going and out-going as well as being fully secure with built-in disaster recovery features, 99.999% SLA's and full encryption. Take complete control of your call environment, anywhere.

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