We design, deliver, support and continually add value to contact centre environments in close partnership with our customers and world-leading vendors (like Mitel, Five9, Avaya and 8x8).

Providing a great customer experience requires the expertise and solutions that help you meet ever-changing customer demands. We will transition you to a business operating model that is lean and agile.

Our discovery workshops and cloud-based solutions contribute towards creating an omni-channel experience. Working across your website, email, social media, text, voice, chat, WhatsApp and review sites out the box (but we will give integration with anything a go!). Choose a solution where you can integrate your choice of new products and services as your market and budget dictates. In this fast-moving environment, don’t be constrained by your contact centre. View it as untapped opportunity to delight!

Contact Centre Solutions

Automation for Interactions

Give your contact centre agents complete digital enquiry visibility. INBOX works to automatically read, respond or route your emails, social media interactions, chat, and WhatsApp messages. It can prioritise, categorise, and create queues and tickets for fulfilment.

  • Use people where it adds business value
  • Non-invasive, rapid deployment (up and running in three days!)
  • Consistent message handling
  • Easy integration with your contact centre

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Integrated Customer Data

Automate data management processes both internally and externally. FORMS makes it easy to collect, curate and update data. It integrates down to field or grouped levels and into multiple systems, meaning all your data will update in real-time (or quarantine changes for approval) within contact centre and other systems.

  • Updates data in real-time
  • Reduces errors and data mishaps
  • Hugely increases the efficiency of your agents
  • Integrates seamless with any contact centre

Make my Data Seamless

360 View of your Contact Centre

DASHBOARD presents you with the data you need in a way that’s easy to consume from different data sources using open APIs and integrations. It’s easy to configure and customise for a specific agent, supervisor, team, department or for views across the company.

  • Contact centre data at your fingertips
  • Enhance agent performance
  • Identify and tackle key pain points
  • Drive customer experience improvements

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Motivate Agents with Gamification

Our solution REWARDS will enable you to set appropriate targets for all staff in the contact centre. It will reduce staff turnover, increase your chances of recruiting and retaining talent, encourage behaviours that meet targets and improve the customer experience.

  • Host tournaments and game battles
  • Collect vital agent data
  • Map user performance
  • Enrich the agent experience

Gamify my Contact Centre

Other ways we can Enhance your Contact Centre

  • Clever integrations
  • Smooth rollouts for full adoption
  • Training sessions for agents
  • Various deployment options
  • Support and maintenance
  • Access to world class engineers
  • Road mapping your wider journey
  • Workshops and discovery sessions
  • Post COVID-19 support

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