Automate your customer feedback

Knowing your customers has never been more vital. With customer experience being a key basis for competition and the emphasis on becoming data-driven, you need to be able to capture your customers’ thoughts. REVIEWS provides the perfect solution for capturing, managing and acting upon your customer feedback.

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Feedback on every channel

You can count on REVIEWS to capture customer feedback data whether across voice, email, SMS, social media or messaging apps. Integrate REVIEWS with any contact centre platform that has open APIs.

Core capabilities and functionality

Automate post interaction surveys

Gain feedback in the moment. Make it easy for people to provide a quick post-interaction response.

Dynamic questions

Your surveys can be as complex as required, but simple to complete using the power of dynamic questions depending on answers provided.

Phone system agnostic

REVIEWS operates independent of your communications platform. There is no dependency on a PBX.

Low review flagging and routing

Being able to indentify and automatically route a low scoring review to the right source speeds up actionable results.

Consistent with your brand

REVIEWS can be fully branded, templated and edited to future-proof your requirements.

Flexible delivery

No matter your communications channels, REVIEWS has a wide range of integration and launch capabilities.

Real-time customer feedback dashboards

Easy-to-use dashboard with information captured through automated post-interaction surveys and questionnaires.

Talk to the solutions people

Get in touch

Helping you achieve more

Actionable insights

Use the insights gained from your feedback to adapt processes, products and services.

Multiple survey types

Standard methods such as CSAT, CES, NPS, product and bespoke are all available with the platform.

Sentiment engine

The ability to analyse free text replies gives you the best qualitative insight.

360 view of agent performance

Gain impartial insight into how your agents are performing.

Route responses automatically

Dissatisfaction is massively reduced by fast response, ownership and identified action.

Measure what’s important to you

Analyse your results through dashboards, raw data exports and detailed logs and drive alerts set by business rules.

Talk to us about REVIEWS

We know a thing or two about solving business problems.

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