Secure, adaptive and high performing networks to connect your world

In our ever-connected world being online and available is of critical importance. With over 20 years networking expertise we are well placed to advise, design, deliver and support your business connectivity requirements, with a secure and proactive managed service.

Our team of network experts are on hand to talk through the many available choices to meet the performance expectations of your business ranging from superfast 5G, Fibre, Secure Internet Connectivity, LAN, Wi-Fi, SD-WAN, IoT Connectivity and PSTN replacement services optimised for realtime communications and critical business applications.

Whatever you choose our close relationships with leading Tier1 carriers and service providers, augmented with our NOC, networking specialists and proactive monitoring gives you superior network quality, commercial terms and a customer-focused managed service.

Improve resilience and capacity

Achieve savings

Deliver new OTT services

Access cloud services securely

Connectivity into existing WANs, data centres and public clouds (e.g. AWS)

Designed, delivered and managed by a single supplier

Britannic cloud platform

Presenting B•Connected: Our Cloud Platform

Our cloud platform B•CONNECTED is a high performing, scalable, resilient, secure and high performing architecture. It has been specifically designed to support mission critical applications and services, giving your business the power to adopt new systems and overlay legacy infrastructure quickly and easily.

Empowering your business to change and move to the cloud at a pace to suit you, without you having to build and manage the infrastructure, freeing you up to focus on running and developing your business.

Embrace the Future: ISDN Switch Off Paves the Way for Faster Connectivity!

Get ready to say goodbye to ISDN as it switches off in 2025, making way for faster and more efficient communication technologies. With ISDN becoming obsolete, businesses and individuals alike are transitioning to the fast speeds and enhanced capabilities offered by 4G and 5G networks. Embrace the future of connectivity, where fully managed network services, private and public cloud solutions change the way we communicate and collaborate.

Through the Internet of Things you can gain data-driven decision making and game-changing automation.

Cut the cables and make the switch to intelligent mobile connectivity.

Read our blog about PSTN/ISDN Switch off

Unrivaled reliability and security

We guarantee no down-time or lost connections our networks are always on. We boast all four UK networks in our single SIM meaning devices automatically switch in the event on an outage.

100% transparency and control

No longer go to devices to see what's going on, you can monitor and manage everything from the palm of your hand. With effortless management tools you can simply make changes on the fly

Easy configuration, effortless installation

Place the SIM and hey-presto, you're online. No need to wait months for installations or engineers or even digging up roads to lay cables. You can be connected now!

Future-proof, scalable, tailored

Swap old, rigid tech for complete and endless flexibility. With endless customisation options and intelligent add-ons, we'll make sure you get exactly what you want.


UK law firm, RadcliffesLeBrasseur has taken a forward-thinking approach to business communications by adopting SIP for cost-effective call routing and absolute availability, boosting client service at minimal cost.

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Britannic's Intelligent Managed Services

We take managed services to the next level with our "Intelligent” Managed Service. This solution provides everything you’d expect from a managed service but extends to offer valuable insights across your IT and communications environments to help drive innovation and growth, rather than just focusing on transactional day-to-day IT management and operational issues.

We aim to be more than just a standard managed service provider – our intelligent manage service will make us an essential partner in helping you achieve business success. Our approach centres around transparency, consultancy, and proactive communication to deliver robust IT and communications solutions tailored to your needs. We also ensure business benefits like predictable costs, improved productivity and scalability, access to experts, and risk mitigation, freeing you up to focus on your core business.

Learn more about our Intelligent Managed Services
Key benefits include:
  • Removes the burden from you for day-to-day transactional activities such as Adds, Moves, Changes and Deletions.
  • Performance reporting and trend analysis to boost planning and efficiency
  • Healing your business optimise call routing and workflows based on SIP usage insights
  • Providing high level Contact centre analytics to improve customer experience
  • System Monitoring to proactively resolve and remedy issues
  • Delivers predictable costs and reduced overhead
  • Gain access to our expert skills and support

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