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Britannic stands as a leading authority in steering non-profit organisations like yours towards digital transformation. Our expertise spans across upgrading your current telephony solutions, enhancing sponsor engagement, automating processes, or establishing a digital platform for donations. We are here to amplify your non-profit technology capabilities.

Improve legacy systems

Outdated telephone systems impeding your performance in the charity sector? Concerned about gaining approval to upgrade your infrastructure? With the imminent BT PSTN switch-off in 2025 and the impending lack of support for aged systems, there has never been a better time to transition to a cloud solution. Let this be the stepping stone for your organisation's digital transformation journey in the charity sector.

Reduce cost with cloud solutions

Transitioning to a cloud solution in your charity communications strategy allows you to circumvent hefty upfront costs, instead opting for a monthly rental model that charges based on your usage. This flexibility to scale up or down proves invaluable during high-volume periods such as fundraising campaigns. Moreover, consolidating telephony systems across multiple locations becomes effortless, delivering significant cost savings and maintaining low operational expenses.

Increase resiliency of communications

Having a robust and dependable telecoms infrastructure is a crucial component of effective charity communications. Ensuring accessibility for your donors when they call is paramount - if they can't get through, are kept waiting too long, or their calls are abandoned, they're likely not to donate!

Modernising your contact centre

Boost engagement in the charity sector by simplifying the process for supporters to donate or contact you. An omni-channel contact centre allows you to provide all the communication channels your supporters use, from phone calls and emails to various social media platforms. This approach enhances their convenience, thereby increasing the likelihood of their donations.

Connecting everyone together

Boost productivity and enhance efficiency in your organisation with non-profit technology by connecting your staff, volunteers, and donors via unified communication solutions. This fosters collaboration on everyday operations and fundraising initiatives, simplifying their journey to effective communication and connection.

Discovering new ways of working

Partner with us to uncover intelligent, cost-effective charity communications strategies that not only ensure return on investment but also enhance your donors' experience. With digital interaction management solutions, we can automate processes, making it simpler for donors to contribute, boosting efficiencies, and unveiling innovative avenues for growth.

Breast Cancer Now Survivors

Britannic Streamline Breast Cancer Now’s Telephony

Breast Cancer Care and Breast Cancer Now have successfully merged their telephony systems with the assistance of Britannic. Prior to the merger, the organisations had multiple redundant contact numbers, which have now been streamlined for better efficiency. A pivotal move in this transition was the implementation of Mitel IP telephony and the Mitel MiCollab tool, enabling remote work and promoting a robust telephony system. This ensures that customers, primarily women diagnosed with cancer, receive immediate and reliable support. 

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Charity Workers On Laptop

Harnessing the Future: Emerging Communication Trends in the Charity Sector

The charity sector is at the precipice of a monumental transformation, guided by the advances in technology and changing workplace norms. Unearth how these shifts are paving the way for the future of charity communications and explore the emerging trends that are redefining this sphere. Learn about the power of digital platforms in transcending geographic barriers, the importance of online communities, the need for harmonised communication systems, and the rise of agile work environments.

Prepare for the future now and enhance the impact of your charity work


The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) had been working on PDQ machines for payments over the phone; this proved time consuming and inefficient. We moved them to SIP telephony and a cloud PCI solution to increase efficiencies and make compliance easier.

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