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6 key areas of interest for hotels

Hotel technology is instrumental in streamlining hotel operations and has become a catalyst for hoteliers in their quest to enhance the hotel guest experience. By integrating innovative solutions, they can ensure both operational excellence and a memorable stay for guests. 

World class guest experience

Which guest wouldn't enjoy a tailored service, VIP treatment, and an on-demand concierge? Enrich your hotel guest experience by offering a branded Guest Services Solution powered by intelligent technology. This ensures a seamlessly connected and personalised experience from the very first interaction with your establishment. 

Increased responsiveness

Streamline guest requests by ensuring they reach the appropriate department promptly through the use of advanced hotel systems. Facilitate multi-channel communications, allowing guests to reach out via their preferred method, be it phone, SMS, WhatsApp, email, chat, or social media, while maintaining consistent service level agreements and customer experience. Enhance staff productivity by consolidating all relevant information, including VIP arrivals and request alerts, on a smartphone for easy access and quick response. 

Service automation through AI

Implement Artificial Intelligence (AI) to generate authentic human-like interactions for guests and bolster self-service features, enabling your staff to focus on other crucial tasks. With advanced hotel systems, you can automate and direct requests from meeting rooms efficiently. Moreover, overcoming language barriers can significantly improve the travel experience by facilitating seamless communication with all travellers. 

Improve operational working

Leverage advanced hotel communications to amalgamate all customer interactions into one unified interface and centralize reservation processes. Enhance housekeeping efficiency by adopting near real-time alerts for check-in and check-out notifications. With an auto attendant feature, ensure no calls are missed. Facilitate effective communication and collaboration among department specialists while providing real-time presence information of staff across the entire hotel.

Choice and simplicity

Determining where and how to implement your Mitel technology and applications becomes effortless with Britannic. Irrespective of your inclination towards a public cloud, Britannic's private cloud, on-premise deployment, or a hybrid mix, Britannic's flexible licensing and subscription options cater to all your needs. Avail of the advantages of a managed service to share the burden while retaining control. With Britannic's hotel technology solutions, the decision-making power rests in your hands. 


Wireless mobile devices and handsets

With advanced hotel communications, keep in touch with your team members and ensure a quick response for lone worker safety. Regardless of whether you're in need of DECT phones, wireless mobile devices, or Wi-Fi handsets that don't require cabling, we offer a plethora of options. Our solutions include affordable, sleek phones, easy deployment processes, and superior voice and connection quality, all designed to expedite your workday operations. 

Britannic and Mitel - the premier hotel technology supplier

Britannic and Mitel have a long and successful partnership with the hotel and hospitality industry. We work hand in hand with hotels looking to differentiate their guest experience. The options to develop through innovation are affordable investments that will help with staff retention and improve guest engagement.

Providing stable, scalable communications that help streamline your operations is crucial. We like to listen. Through our consultative approach we help you make the most of your investment.

Hotel manager smiling and giving guests their pass

Britannic and Mitel are revolutionising guest experience in hotels and hospitality

The hotel guest experience, greatly influenced by effective communication, is vital to the prosperity of hotels as a business. Establishing clear and prompt communication channels ensures that guest needs and expectations are adequately catered to, thus creating a favourable and unforgettable experience. By engaging in this way, hotels can cultivate robust relationships with their guests, which can lead to enhanced satisfaction, loyalty, and positive feedback. Furthermore, personalised and attentive guest communication enables hotels to address any concerns or issues promptly, resolving them to the guests' satisfaction. 

Infographic: Revolutionising hotel guest experience

Top 10 hospitality technology trends for 2023

Hotels, traditionally viewed as simple lodgings for travellers, are progressively transforming into hubs of activity, with hotel technology becoming instrumental in facilitating guest experiences and managing hotel operations.

Consequently, the role of IT & telecommunications in the seamless operation of hotels has grown in significance. It now encompasses a wide range of functions within these businesses.

Discover more by reading Mitel's guest blog that highlights ten of the leading trends in hospitality communication technology today.

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Woman On Ipad And HeadPhones In Hotel Room

MiVoice Business for the hospitality and hotel sector

Effective communication is the cornerstone of every prosperous hotel. With MiVoice Business, customers benefit from flexible, scalable, and secure communications, tailored by advanced hotel systems to suit the requirements of the hospitality industry. These systems cater to a broad range of establishments, from small economy hotels to some of the world's most renowned luxury hotels. 

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A word from one of our happy customers

Grange Hotels

As our solution providers and engineers for a fully converged IP and SIP future-proof solution at Grange St Pauls, Britannic provided excellent design, installation, service, and support. It provides the ideal platform for Britannic to apply the economies of convergence to both future development and parts of the existing group. 

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