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Future-Proof Customer Experience and Journey

Our contextual communication applications and artificial intelligence will work hard to support your organisation and provide the option of self-serve.

Create a better experience across all your digital channels (including social media) with our portfolio. They can be utilised both for the contact centre and wider business operations. Working to enable you to become leaner by answering routine enquiries and automating next actions helping customers to serve themselves.

Chatbots Are the Future of Customer Experience


of global consumers had an interaction with a chatbot over the last 12 months (Source: invesp)


of consumers have switched brands at least once in the last year. (Source: Connected Customer Report - Salesforce Research)


of interactions powered by AI will be indistinguishable from humans by 2025 (Source: Servion)

Meet Bizibot

Bizibot is an Intent AI and Workflow chatbot that works as an extension of your teams (from customer service to accounts). Bizibot works across websites, social media and instant messaging platforms and can deliver channel-specific customer journeys. Bizibot will work hard to answer your customer questions, and through utilising its open APIs, automate next actions, ID&V, take payments, schedule appointments, and push and pull data from back-office systems.

In our customers’ experience, Bizibot doesn’t replace existing employees, but instead bolsters sales and customer care, and generates more leads, complementing your existing team. Being low code, BiziBOT can be set up in a matter of days.

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What Makes Bizibot Different to Other Chatbots?

More Human; Less Chatbot

  • Natural conversation rather than clunky traditional chatbots
  • Bizibot develops a style derived from your corporate tone
  • Understands tone, sentiment and context

Increase Your Sales

  • Bizibot doesn't need energy drinks to pull all-nighters, it’s there for your customers 24/7
  • Improve the quality of leads and prioritise next actions
  • More sales through better CX, knowledge and concurrent interaction handling

Automate Next Actions

  • Bizibot can route and prioritise the next actions for your agents or sales team
  • More than just conversations, take payments, update details or schedule appointments
  • Take admin away from your staff

Simple to Set-Up, Simple to Run

  • Low code infrastructure
  • Days to setup instead of months
  • Ready to grow with your business Bizibot is completely scalable

What is NetSMS?

It is a hosted messaging gateway service enabling you to send plain text SMS messages from your email to any mobile number. NetSMS is a powerful tool when used as part of an omnichannel communications strategy and is a highly valuable way to even out peaks by use of self-service and automated channels.

Uses include: automated workflows, personalised reminders, customer service requests, identification and verification, and mass broadcast.

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Business Benefits of NetSMS

  • Significant cost savings
  • 10 x faster communication
  • Reduce admin time
  • Choice and flexibility
  • No hardware or software costs
  • Consistent agent experience
  • Meet customers’ accesibility needs
  • Get feedback quickly and easily

Online Customer Service with WebRTC (Real-Time Chat)

  • Two-way video and audio communication allow your agents to solve customer issues in real-time within the web context.
  • Co-browsing and content sharing help your team to take control of the customer journey for upsell, cross-sell and effective resolution right there and then.
  • Seamless escalation for moving from chat to voice or video and co-browsing all in one session.

Bring conversations to life with chat, video, web calling, co-browsing & content sharing straight from your website and mobile apps. No plugins, no downloads.

Webcall is built on WebRTC, an open API technology that puts real-time communication capabilities into web browsers via JavaScript APIs. Using as little as three lines of code, Webcall integrates with your web platform and connects into your contact centre to allow your customer service agents to manage all web interactions. To guarantee Quality of Service and security, all real-time voice, video and data streams are encrypted and run over your business network rather than a public internet connection.

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