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  • Legal services
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Your added value technology partner for the professional services market

As specialists in professional services technology, Britannic is committed to assisting organisations like yours on a path to digital transformation. Whether your goals are to update your current telephony solutions, automate procedures, or develop a digital learning landscape, our expertise can significantly improve client service and experience. We are here to support your journey.

Understanding the client experience

We are committed to understanding your clients' journey to enhance their experience. By learning your objectives and plotting your road to achievement, we can create, implement, and provide a tailored solution to elevate your professional services technology. Our aim is to improve client services, benefiting both your agents and clientele. 

Building connections

Leverage our professional services technology to modernise your telephony system, facilitating seamless remote work for your staff. Our solutions connect remote and office workers with clients, using mobile and collaborative tools. Simplify communications to foster stronger relationships.

Automating processes

We can automate your processes by streamlining your workflows, reducing manual tasks and freeing up resources for more strategic initiatives. Whether it's automated email responses, AI-driven customer service bots, or intelligent routing of calls, our tools can significantly improve response times and customer satisfaction.

Modernise your contact centre

 A comprehensive omni-channel contact centre, powered by advanced professional services technology, ensures your customers can reach out to you through their preferred communication channels, from traditional phone calls to modern social media platforms. It's crucial to accommodate all customer preferences to deliver a smooth, unified customer experience and achieve operational excellence. 

PCI compliance

Our extensive cloud-based PCI DSS solutions guarantee top-tier data protection, safeguarding your corporate information from security violations and compliance infringements. Rest assured, you're entrusting your data security to a reliable and high-standard professional services technology provider.

Data is the answer

Leverage your data insights to enhance understanding of your clients and internal operations. Utilise this intelligence to constantly innovate and improve client services, aiming to deliver exceptional service quality at all times. 

Unlock the future of work: Workplace modernisation 

Undeniably, digital transformation is vital, a fact well-known to us all. Yet, more often than not, these transformation initiatives focus excessively on technology, side-lining the core business aspects. Workplace Modernisation represents a business philosophy that opposes the mere adoption of technology without purpose. It advocates for crafting the appropriate culture, adapting business processes, and designing customer experiences that are supported by, rather than built upon, technology.

Our whitepaper dives into the crucial aspects of Workplace Modernisation. It covers its importance, strategies for adopting a people-centric approach, and key infrastructure and technologies that align with and uphold your business's values and principles.

Read our workplace modernisation whitepaper now

Looking for Legal?

Law firms were always associated with masses of papers and antiquated ways of working. The pandemic put a stop to that with more lawyers and staff wanting to return to hybrid working. Coupled with demands from clients to access digital services for instant information law firms need to become a digital organisation.

Communication transformation for the Legal Sector

A word from one of our happy customers

Tony Blonk, IT Director

HW Fisher & Co

Our teams have actually discovered new, productive ways of working using MiCollab. Screen sharing and remote desktop control are particularly valuable features, to make faster, more informed and timely decisions. Audit teams at client sites that traditionally had to return to the office to obtain sign off by a Partner, for example, can now do so remotely and deliver against client requests sooner. It really saves the teams a lot of time.


The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) had been working on PDQ machines for payments over the phone; this proved time consuming and inefficient. We moved them to SIP telephony and a cloud PCI solution to increase efficiencies and make compliance easier.

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The Technology

  1. DTMF portal
  2. NetX SIP portal

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