6 key areas of interest for housing associations

With a comprehensive understanding of the significant difficulties encountered by housing associations in their digital transformation endeavours, we excel in delivering impactful solutions to overcome these hurdles. Armed with our profound expertise in housing association technology, we are fully prepared to steer organisations towards triumphant digital transformations.

Data and insight

Data has become a valuable resource, some could say as valuable as oil. Managing such a vast amount of data necessitates the seamless integration of all your back-end systems. Our expertise lies in resolving data-related issues, including the elimination of redundant data entry (even multiple entries), and harnessing vital customer service metrics through real-time dashboards. By updating multiple systems, we enable you to make informed decisions and drive better outcomes in your operations.

Customer centricity

89% of business leaders acknowledge that customer experience has become the foremost foundation for competition (Gartner). With our expertise in housing technology, we are prepared to assist you in identifying crucial areas for enhancing your services. Whether it entails integrating automation, introducing self-service options, or implementing solutions that boost workforce motivation, we are here to drive meaningful improvements to your customer experience.

Empowered and rewarded remote workers

In the realm of housing technology, the option to work remotely has transformed from being an advantageous perk to an essential requirement. The lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic have underscored our capability to consistently deliver exceptional customer experiences and boost productivity, all while operating comfortably from our sofas. Our array of solutions for contact centres and office environments is dedicated to enhancing mobility and flexibility, enabling seamless operations and empowering individuals to work from anywhere with ease.

Moving to the cloud

Transitioning to cloud-based systems can evoke apprehension among housing associations. However, given the constraints and inflexibility of legacy on-premise solutions, it becomes a crucial strategic step forward. Our expertise in housing association technology enables us to collaborate with you in establishing a communications infrastructure tailored to your specific cloud requirements. We ensure the optimal level of cloud integration, granting you the agility to scale your operations up or down as needed, allaying any concerns and paving the way for a seamless cloud migration.

Supporting channel shift

Leveraging our housing association digital technology, we empower you to effectively manage your digital interactions. Customers increasingly seeking the convenience of communicating with housing associations through their preferred channels. Our solutions revolve around automating processes, promptly addressing incoming inquiries, prioritising tasks, categorising requests, and creating streamlined queues and tickets for efficient fulfilment. With our technology at your disposal, you can deliver exceptional customer experiences while efficiently managing digital interactions across various channels.

Supporting vulnerable tenants

Navigating digital channels can pose challenges for vulnerable tenants when it comes to housing communications. However, our comprehensive range of tools, including Webcall, offers invaluable assistance by facilitating self-service options through chat, video chat, and co-browsing functionalities. These tools prove particularly useful in helping vulnerable individuals place orders for essential items such as food and medical supplies. Additionally, they serve as a guiding hand for tenants in navigating your website, ensuring they can easily access the necessary information they seek.

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Digital transformation for housing associations

For housing associations, showcasing cost-effectiveness is of utmost importance. However, we've recognised that hasty, short-term solutions for digital transformation aren't effective. What you require are unified strategies that reduce expenses while enhancing tenant experience, boosting employee engagement, and establishing a foundation for commercial expansion and success. You've arrived at the right destination.

Our whitepaper will guide you through your digital transition by:

  • Highlighting the primary obstacles for housing associations in achieving digital transformation.
  • Distilling the clutter of digital information.
  • Illustrating how you can begin crafting your business case.
  • Familiarising you with the top-tier solutions that are revolutionising the housing sector.
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Transforming UK tenant engagement with SMS and video

80% of housing providers and housing associations have seen an increase in tenant demand while 90% have seen an increase in staff demand for digital products and more choice in tenant-landlord communication channels. Learn how SMS and video are revolutionising the UK property management landscape in 8x8's latest blog post. Discover how these technologies can streamline your operations, enhance tenant experience, and foster stronger relationships. Don't miss this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving property management industry.

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Ombudsman hails knowledge and information management as the 'near perfect solution' for social housing issues

Knowledge and information management (KIM) could be the 'magic cure' for the housing sector's troubles, according to the Housing Ombudsman's recent Spotlight report.

The report provides 21 guidelines on governance, repairs, and recording standards, developed from an analysis of case issues. Shortcomings in KIM can lead to significant resident problems, such as missed appointments and unacceptable delays.

The report highlights troubling real-life experiences, including a landlord's 8-year failure to address a leak. With 56% of respondents struggling with record access and 82% saying this hampers complaint resolution, the report underscores the critical importance of proper KIM in the housing sector. Want to make sure that you are doing the best you can for your tenants?

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Advance Housing and support

The journey to provide the best quality housing and support services and transform lives has moved a step forward with the provision of a managed wide area network and a centralised communications platform from Britannic Technologies to replace its separate, aging systems across 60 sites and reduce billing complexities.

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Britannic Technologies helped us to identify what our business requires, matching these needs with the solution that is a good fit for us, that we can afford, and provides the performance and results that we need. They have high levels of customer service, are highly responsive and aim to deliver what they said would be delivered.

Philip Jackson, Head of ICT and Business Systems

Advance Housing and Support

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