Looking to make your hotel's guest communication more engaging and effective? You've come to the right place. We're sharing insider tips on how to connect with your guests more meaningfully, from small changes in daily interactions to adopting best practices that can transform the guest experience. These insights aim to help you get to the heart of what your guests truly need and desire, building stronger, more memorable connections with them.

Here are 9 ways to elevate your hotel's guest communication:

  1. Keep it real - Authenticity is key in hospitality. If your hotel promises a luxurious or top-tier experience, every guest interaction should reflect that promise. With today's advanced communication technologies, such as digital check-in systems, personalised apps, and interactive service platforms, offering a seamless, efficient, and customised guest experience from start to finish is easier than ever.

    The tech you use shapes how guests perceive your brand's authenticity. A hotel that uses technology to enhance the guest experience, in line with its brand promises, is often seen as more genuine and engaging. Platforms that allow for real-time guest feedback and communication can make your hotel seem more responsive and sincere.

    In every interaction, whether it's through technology or face-to-face, the genuineness of your communication makes difference. Encourage your team to be themselves and use technology to help them provide quick and empathetic service. Where consumers are quick to spot anything that feels fake, a sincere approach, backed by the right tech, is non-negotiable. Blending personal touches with cutting-edge technology not only sets your hotel apart but also helps in attracting and keeping guests.

  2. Choose your words wisely – Clear and precise communication is crucial when dealing with guests. Your staff should aim for simplicity and accuracy, especially when resolving issues. A well-thought-out response, paying attention to details and next steps, can make all the difference.

    Avoid ambiguous terms like "maybe" or "soon." Instead, offer guests a clear action plan. For instance, if a guest reports a problem like unclean linen, a personalised and direct response is much more reassuring. Using a digital communication tool, a staff member can swiftly acknowledge the issue, inform the guest of the immediate steps being taken, and coordinate with the housekeeping team to rectify the problem efficiently: “We’re so sorry to hear about this, Mrs. Brown. This oversight is truly regrettable. Our housekeeping team is on it and will bring fresh towels to your room. When would be a convenient time for them to stop by?” Confirming a time and informing the team accordingly ensures a smooth resolution, leaving the guest feeling heard and cared for.
  3. Personalise each experience - Personalising guest experiences is the key to standing out. Imagine tailoring your services to meet the unique needs of each guest, from business travellers to holidaymakers, making them feel truly seen and valued. This isn't just about preferences; it's about creating a connection that makes guests think, "This place gets me."

    Harness the power of technology to elevate this personalised touch. Encourage guests to use your hotel's app or loyalty program to share their preferences, from room choices to dietary needs. While not every wish can be fulfilled, the effort to personalise their stay doesn't go unnoticed. This digital personalisation transforms guest interactions, making every moment feel tailored just for them. It's these thoughtful details, powered by technology, that turn a simple stay into a memorable experience, compelling guests to return time and again.

  4. Respond rapidly to your guests – The way we respond to people can really make someone's day. Picture this: you send a question to a hotel, and almost instantly, there's a friendly, helpful reply waiting for you. It feels good, right? That's exactly what a recent Forrester survey tapped into, finding that 77% of people feel truly valued when their messages are met with a quick response, kindling the flames of loyalty.

    This swift-reply culture isn't just about being polite; it's about embracing the tech at our fingertips. Whether it's a chat service or an email, guests are looking for that speedy "Hello, how can we help?" And it's not just about being quick; it's about being there, truly present in the conversation 24/7.

    So, how do you keep up with this whirlwind of digital dialogues? It's all about getting the team synced up, ready to share a warm, personalised response, no matter the platform or the hour. Think of it as your way of weaving a little more connection into every interaction, turning every message, comment, or tweet into an opportunity to show just how much you care. After all, it's those personal touches that really make us feel at home, even when we're on the road.

  5. Leveraging multiple communication channels - Embracing the ways guests prefer to connect is going to open doors to a world of enriched guest experiences. Picture this: a guest casually strolling through your hotel, feeling the ease of finding a friendly face for an in-person chat, the very essence of hospitality. Yet, in this digital age, the conversation doesn't end at the lobby. The seamless integration of communications technology means your hotel's warmth extends into the digital realm, from the welcoming pages of your website to the buzzing notifications of emails and social media.

    Imagine your hotel's website as a digital front desk, where every click offers a clear path to connect, be it through an email that feels like a direct line to your team or the social media platforms where the vibrancy of your hotel comes to life in photos, posts, and direct messages. And let's not forget the convenience of text messaging, using the phone as a modern conduit for instant communication, mirroring the fast-paced world we live in.

    But the innovation doesn't stop there. The hotel mobile app becomes a virtual concierge, offering not just a service but a personalised journey for every guest, from booking reminders to exclusive offers. By putting together these multiple channels, from face-to-face interactions to online connectivity, your hotel becomes more than just a place to stay; it becomes a hub of seamless, personalised experiences that resonate with every guest, regardless of their communication style.

  6. Get your guests feedback - Diving into guest reviews reveals hidden treasures of insight that can dramatically enhance the guest experience. It's a fact that some guests might shy away from direct complaints but are more expressive in their reviews post-departure. Ignoring this valuable feedback is a missed opportunity for improvement and connection. By integrating communication technology, you can efficiently monitor, analyse, and respond to these insights, turning passive observations into active engagement.

    Responding to reviews does more than just address concerns; it invites more feedback, creating a cycle of communication that benefits both guests and hotels alike. In fact, hotels that actively respond to reviews see about a 12% increase in feedback volume, which can significantly boost online ratings and presence. It's a simple yet impactful approach: by showing we're listening and caring, we not only resolve individual issues but also enhance our reputation, making every guest feel valued and heard.

  7. Streamline your communications – At the core of every thriving hotel lies the pulsating rhythm of guest communication, a dance that's been transformed by the beat of technology. Imagine a world where every guest interaction is not just a transaction, but a meaningful exchange, enriched by the seamless integration of cutting-edge communication software.

    That’s where Britannic as a Mitel Hospitality Specialist and consultative technology partner works closely alongside Mitel as part of our hospitality ecosystem to integrate solutions together, providing easy access for busy people on the go, to data, communications channels and insights. Mitel's suite of solutions, including MiContact Centre Business, MiContact Centre Enterprise, Mitel Workforce Optimisation, and MiContact Centre Outbound, are specifically tailored to the hospitality industry and revolutionise guest experiences. These omnichannel Customer Experience (CX) solutions offer a comprehensive toolkit for creating exceptional interactions, featuring sophisticated interaction routing, intuitive self-service IVR, insightful performance analytics, real-time dashboards, and advanced workforce optimisation tools, ensuring every customer journey is seamlessly managed and remarkably personalised.

  8. Empower your hotel employees – Empowering your hotel staff is a game-changer. It's about equipping them with an invisible guide, enabling them to navigate guest interactions with confidence, even in the absence of a manager. This empowerment stems from robust training and clear standard operating procedures (SOPs), which serve as their compass.

    What truly brings this to life, however, is incorporating fun and creativity into their training. By turning guest feedback into engaging team competitions, staff members are encouraged to listen actively and think creatively. This not only enhances their problem-solving skills but also fosters a sense of unity and camaraderie within the team.

    This approach doesn't just prepare the staff to handle situations autonomously; it also enriches the guest experience, leaving a lasting impression of care and satisfaction. It's a testament to how effective communication and team empowerment can transform the dynamics of hotel operations.

  9. Create communication touchpoints - Maintaining a seamless flow of communication with guests is crucial for establishing a foundation of trust and reliability. Initiating a dialogue from the moment a guest starts their booking journey sets the stage for a consistent and engaging interaction that lasts throughout their stay. This ongoing communication can take various forms, including text messages, emails, Whatsapps, app-less mobile tech, or personal notes, all designed to envelop guests in a blanket of attention, making them feel both cherished and at ease.

    The goal is to create an environment where guests have the freedom to relax and enjoy their time, feeling a personal connection with their hosts without feeling overwhelmed.

    However, effective communication with guests involves more than just regular check-ins; it's about the quality, personalisation, and timing of each interaction. Even before guests arrive, personalised messages that confirm their booking and spark excitement for their upcoming trip can make a significant difference. Once they arrive, a warm welcome that seeks to understand their individual stories and expectations sets the tone for a tailored experience. Throughout their stay, proactive engagement from staff, especially through personalised notes from room attendants, adds a personal touch to their experience. And as guests depart, a thoughtful farewell that includes a summary of their stay and an invitation to provide feedback continues the dialogue, allowing for continuous improvement and a deeper connection in the future.

How to implement these tips

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