Fix Your Organisation's Disjointed Customer Journey.

Customers expect the same level of service despite their choice of digital channel and if as a business you can't deliver they will go elsewhere. One of the biggest issues within a businesses' communication strategy is that their channels aren't aligned and that agents simply can't deal with the workload and amount of enquiries effectively and so customers, existing and potential, are disgruntled.

Do any of these sound familiar?

"Our Trustpilot or Glassdoor Score could be a lot better!"

INBOX on average increases reputation scores by 1.2 stars because potential and existing customers have a more pleasurable customer journey and experience, simple.

"Customers complain about waiting times or responses"

Because INBOX has all communications, information and an intuitive UI in one-place customers don't have to wait long for an agent to talk to them.

"Employees need multiple windows open for customer info"

INBOX holds all current and previous digital communications and order/ticket references from customers on one screen.

"Our agents spend a lot of time on mundane data entry"

Because the customer journey is in one place agents don't need to constantly enter data in multiple CRM's or databases.

"Customer tickets, emails and enquiries often get missed"

Not anymore, with a blended and collaborative inbox orchestration across all business departments are easy and effortless.

INBOX in Action!

Working to automatically read, respond or route your messages, INBOX helps to make way for more self-service and improves customer engagement. Using smart tagging, rules and filters you can automate mundane tasks so your customer service staff can focus on priority enquiries.

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More Business Benefits of Using INBOX

Much Lower Cost to Serve

The price of an agent physically dealing with a phone call, email or social media message are in the £££'s. INBOX's cost to serve is in pence.

Clean and Simple Data

Human error when dealing with data collection or recall is reduced drastically as all information through INBOX is displayed in one single window tab. Greatly improving customer service and experience.

Help Priority Customers

INBOX can be automated based on rules you create, meaning agents not only have to deal with fewer enquiries but means that they have free time to deal with the most important or emergency customers.

Higher First Call Resolution

INBOX can respond to communications based on rules and tags, meaning repetitive or mundane enquiries can be automatically resolved, greatly increasing first communication resolution.

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Integrate with Any Digital Channel

INBOX is already integrated with many digital channels. Including email, WhatsApp, SMS, social media and webchat. We’re happy to give integration with anything a go though, so if what you’re looking for isn’t below or outlined then, get in touch!

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Full Capabilities

INBOX Saves Day for Mercury Holidays

Efficiencies Increased Through Automation

In the most challenging business climate we have ever seen, the biggest gain for us implementing the INBOX solution is efficiency. We have automated the organisation of our workload during this hectic time and now have the ability to implement self service for our customers which will lead to improved efficiencies and vast cost-savings

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INBOX in Action

of digital enquiries answered automatically within 2 weeks of implementation

enquires handled by INBOX during the first week

of enquiries automated within 3 days

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