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Overcoming Lockdown Hurdles

Lockdown prevented prospective students coming into the college to be interviewed by the teachers. This presented a challenge for the college because they didn’t have access to the telephony or technology required to contact people outside the organisation.

Britannic provided them with the Mitel MiTeam Meetings to faciliate the admissons process. The solution was advantaegous because it presents a dial in number that students can call free or a link where they can join an online meeting with the teacher and use the video if they choose to do so.

Godalming College also extended its virtual service to offer transition days using Microsoft Teams. Students can access a virtual tour of the college where they can see the campus and the different departments.

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Taking the Learning Experience Online

The virtual learning environment provided a flexible approach to teaching, and is used to deliver live lessons, provide information and to communicate between students and teachers. Godalming College focus on flip learning where students are presented with knowledge before the lessons which enables them to have a more interactive session with the teacher.

For the new academic year in September they have also added virtual access to every subject including extra circular subjects such as drama, music and pastoral support.

Students will be given log in details for access to these features and also for live lessons where they can post questions either before, during or after the lesson.

Cost Savings

Godalming College has reduced its telephony bill by half using Britannic’s SIP netX solution. SIP also provides a reliable and robust solution along with the flexibility to add on new technology and applications, such as Mitel MiTeam Meetings and other applications into the future.

Consistent Customer Experience

Even when the global pandemic, COVID-19 struck, Godalming College continued to provide a seamless customer experience to its students from online learning, teaching and collaboration. It also extended its services to facilate the admissions for prospective students with Mitel MiTeam Meetings.

Lessons Learnt

Lockdown has forced Godalming College to extend its use of technology for teaching, online learning and collaboration and as an organisation they have discovered new ways of working and of rapidly introducing new technology, gaining benefits that previously were not realised.

Consistent and Outstanding Service

Joe Yeadon, IT Manager

Godalming College

I am so positive about Britannic, they are consistent with delivering an outstanding service, there is never any sales pressure, and if we have an issue, it is fixed immediately. They came to our rescue at the start of lockdown and as a result we have now interviewed hundreds of students using the Mitel MiTeam solution which has facilitated the admissions process.

Adapting to Change

During the COVID-19 crisis Godalming College continued to provide a seamless service for its students and teachers. It also enabled prospective students to be interviewed by teachers so the admissions process could continue uninterrupted.

The college has the confidence to use conferencing and collaboration technologies going forward as part of their day to day activities even when the pandemic passes.

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