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Why Britannic are the choice partner for education organisations

At Britannic, we're more than just a provider - we're a partner in the education sector, offering value-added solutions and services. We collaborate with top industry players like 8x8, Mitel, Five9, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams to create tailored, integrated communication environments. Our approach streamlines educational infrastructures for increased efficiency, ensuring our services are customised to fit your institution's unique needs and constraints. Central to our approach is true partnership working - coming alongside our customers with a commitment to proactive support dedicated to your institution's success.

UCISA24 Leadership Conference: We're attending!

We are eagerly anticipating the UCISA24 Leadership Conference taking place 13-15th March and invite you to join us at Stand 81 for an engaging conversation. Our team of higher education specialists, Alex Chapman and Steve Higgins, will be available to discuss the innovative communications projects we've undertaken with universities throughout the UK. They're also ready to address any questions you might have about enhancing student experience and welfare, clearing, process automation, among other topics. Plus, you won't want to miss the exciting giveaways at our stand, featuring an array of prizes and gifts. Make sure to stop by and connect with us!

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A trusted and valued supplier to York St.John University

Thomas Langton - Head of IT Service Delivery

Britannic has proved to be a trusted and valuable supplier and are part of our strategic plan going forwards.

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Is your University doing enough to protect International Student welfare?

Studying abroad can be challenging, particularly for international students. Language barriers, homesickness, cultural differences, finances, and discrimination are just some of the difficulties they may encounter. To help mitigate these issues, universities can use technology, such as multilingual chat support and contact centres for student welfare, to enhance the overall university experience.

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How can universities listen to the voice of the students? 

Discover how universities are revolutionising student experiences in the post-pandemic era with our article, "Improving the University Experience with Cutting-Edge Technology." This piece highlights the challenges and transformations in education during COVID-19, focusing on the adoption of digital communication tools and advanced cloud technologies. Learn about the strategies universities are employing to enhance student welfare, facilitate inclusive communication, and adapt to new learning environments.

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Universities must prepare for the PSTN & 3G switch-off​

Yes we are all aware of (and fed up with?) the PSTN switch-off in 2025. But did you know there are in fact several dates to be aware of? 2025 is not the end of the copper network, but only the date that voice services over copper will cease (hence the demise of ADSL and FTTC). The copper network itself will be retired one year later i.e. by the end of 2026 meaning that technologies like SOGEA are only a short-term fix. By the end of 2026, access to the Internet will only be by fibre (or mobile!). Mobile can help with Internet access to student accommodation, for lifts for IOT devices, such as on-campus boilers, lighting, etc.​

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Simplify and elevate university clearing day communications with Britannic's streamlined approach

The clearing software and approach designed by Britannic provide a solid foundation for efficient clearing processes in academic institutions. Britannic optimises this procedure, ensuring a seamless integration without disrupting current systems. Choosing our services not only simplifies operations but also leads to higher placement rates and significantly improves the experience for prospective students and their guarantors.

Want more student placements?

University of Kent: Clearing

Kent gears up for Clearing in February with testing commencing in April. They take advantage of Britannic’s Clearing Readiness Service which provides extensive SIP load testing and failover testing in advance along with on-site support on the day, adding further reassurance. A wide number of contingencies were put in place to ensure smooth delivery but were not needed as all went according to plan.

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Queen Mary University of London Lead the Way in Enquiry Handling in Clearing

Mitel MiContact Center Enables Home Working and Multiple Digital Channels

Queen Mary University of London led the way in enquiry handling during the frantically busy Clearing period using Mitel's MiContact Center and INBOX solution from Britannic Technologies. Having the technology already in place Pre-COVID the university was prepared to handle the demands of lockdown and Clearing quickly and effectively.

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Hear From One of Our Satisfied Customers

Rachel Bence - CIO

Queen Mary University London

Digital transformation is key at the university. Britannic Technologies upgraded our Mitel MiContact Centre to integrate with our CRM solution and augmented it with software to automate, prioritise and pre-qualify digital interactions. This enabled us to handle enquiries more efficiently and provided the capability to capture and interrogate data.

Talk to our Education Sector Experts

We’d love to start discussing your plans today. Whether you want to improve student engagement, start implementing automation or talk about your university Clearing strategy for next year. Let’s share some ideas.

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