Revolutionising customer engagement

Britannic has partnered with Uniphore, an innovator in transforming customer experiences through their pioneering AI-driven solutions. As a trusted Uniphore partner, Britannic brings you a new era of innovation if you are seeking to transform your customer interactions.

Embrace the transformative power of analytics

Our Innovation Hub has incubated an exciting collaboration combining NetX our SIP exchange platform to capture call analytics and Uniphore’s U-Capture and U-Analyze products providing you with a macro view of trends in your business and a micro view of 100% analysis at an individual agent or customer level, revealing new insights by combining data sources.

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Pioneering customer-centric AI solutions

Uniphore stands at the forefront of customer-centric AI solutions, harnessing the power of their industry-leading enterprise-class platform - the X Platform. This revolutionary system integrates voice, video, text, and data through a blend of generative AI, knowledge AI, emotion AI, and workflow automation, providing unparalleled real-time data analysis.

We help define and interpret reports, provide ongoing data and analytics reviews through intelligent managed service and account management. Whilst identifying improvement area by running reports for customers.

The SIP insights Advantage

SIP Insights see Uniphore’s AI siting on our NetX SIP platform. It offers a multifaceted approach to enhancing customer interactions. With features like emotion analysis, behaviour tracking, sentiment evaluation, and intent recognition, businesses can collect invaluable insights into their customer base.

Driving Business Impact

  • 50% reduction in compliance audit efforts
  • 100% of customer conversation captured
  • 62% reduction in fraud sales practices

Tailored AI applications for contact centres

With Uniphore, you have the flexibility to choose from a suite of AI applications, each designed to address specific challenges within your Contact Centre environment. Some of the key offerings are:

U-Capture: Empowering Data Sovereignty

U-Capture gives you complete control over your voice data, ensuring 100% open access to real-time and post-call voice data streams. This empowers you to meet your compliance requirements while leveraging invaluable insights for operational optimisation.

Key features

  • Enterprise architecture
  • Open APIs
  • Flexible deployment
  • Connectivity
  • Low TCO (Total cost of ownership)
  • Resilience

U-Self-Serve: Elevating customer engagement

U-Self-Serve introduces omnichannel virtual agents and multimodal CX solutions, revolutionising customer self-service. With the power of knowledge AI, you are able to offer seamless and intuitive self-service options, enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction.

U-Assist: Empowering agents in real-time

U-Assist equips your agents with indispensable real-time guidance tools, enabling them to navigate customer conversations with confidence. This solution streamlines issue resolution and automates post-call tasks, ensuring your agents can focus on delivering exceptional service.

U-Analyse: Maximising contact centre performance

U-Analyse leverages AI-driven insights to boost agent performance and drive superior business outcomes. By tapping into data-driven intelligence, businesses can fine-tune their strategies and enhance the overall customer experience. U-Analyse can also provide insights into digital/textual interactions, providing a 360 degree view of all interactions.

Key features

  • Interactive dashboard
  • Automatic language identification
  • Fully customisable business rules
  • Key moment identification
  • Smart search and word clouds
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Sequential business rules
  • Customisable dashboard

Embrace the future of customer engagement with Uniphore

This partnership between Britannic and Uniphore marks a significant step forward in delivering solutions to redefine your customer interactions. Together, we are committed to empowering you with the tools and technologies you need to connect with what matters most: your customers.

Contact us today to learn more about how Britannic and Uniphore can transform your customer engagement with AI solutions

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