Breast Cancer Now – Integrating my Contact Centre

"I'm looking for a solution that brings together all of the different parts of my contact centre. So at the moment we have different solutions for our emails and our phones and I'm looking to bring it all together and see what is on offer.

One of the challenges - that was actually effective in the presentation - was about agents working alone and having to deal with complaints on their own and thinking about how we can best support them with those challenging conversations in the virtual world.

My dream is to have a hybrid working solution that really feels like its truly integrated, not some at home and some in the office, but where it feels like we're all in a shared space and that really works for our customers as well so that they can have the communication means that work for them.

I think hybrid is also a challenge I think it's such a new thing I don't think anyone has really cracked it"

Donna Pratt - Head of Supporter Care and Compliance, Breast Cancer Now

The London Clinic – Increasing Accessibility and Value Creation

We've been a customer of Britannic for a year now, but we've had a relationship for a number of years, it actually started at one of these events [Convergence Summit] and eventually, we managed to get them in [Britannic] to be our main maintainer and telephony provider.

We have a contact centre with Britannic and they also provide our general telephony services but we built that contact centre within the clinic, using the Mitel Ignite platform and various Mitel systems that we've added on since then so Britannic are managing that for us but also looking at developing further opportunities with our other systems so we can try and streamline.

What we've heard a lot about today is to try and look at ways of smarter working and improvements, mainly looking at how we handle our customer and patient experience.

I think generally there are a lot of problems in any industry, the pandemic has been a factor and in private healthcare in particular we've seen an increase in self-pay and that's primarily because of the delays in the NHS waiting lists, oncology being a big part in that.

And so we've tried to assist the NHS in many different ways, using the contact centre was a huge part of that but also nowadays in the market has changed massively...theres a new playing field; a lot of competitors that we didn't have before in central London in Harley Street which is the hub of private healthcare in London and theres been other providers come over from the US so we can no longer just live up to our name and our traditional customer base and it's really about how we differentiate ourselves and part of that is how we manage our customers and how responsive we are.

So I think a point for us was becoming an extremely responsive support in the contact centre and allowed us to become more easily accessible for our customers and consultants, our secretaries and our patients, that was sort of the first step and now it's really about looking at smarter working and what else we can do and then looking at extra resources and some of things coming up in todays event are very very interesting like gamification and key things like customer experience and employee experience and how they come together, that's what im looking at to gain from today".

Dustin Zambon - Customer Service Manager, The London Clinic

PPC Creative – Improving Staff Experience

"We have an aging Avaya phone system so we're looking to improve our internal staff experience with comms basically, possibly working with 8x8 or Five9 to push things into the cloud and remove the reliance of desk-based phones, use soft phones and just use clever, more clever forms of communication. There's a pivot towards remote working; the content we deal with is often restricted so we have to be very careful about how much of that content is available at home, so we need to be smart about how we upgrade our comms and keep everything secure at the same time, so that's what our focus is today.

I'm hoping to talk to 8x8 and Five9 and see which is the best solution for us essentially, so its going to be an interesting one for us. I mean it goes from desk phones to meeting technologies, you know boardrooms that sort of thing as well and how we deal with internal issues, how we escalate things and how we communicate that to our whole business.

Where we've got a lot of people in our office at the moment; it's how we integrate that and how we plan that out and phase that in, we can't just rip everything out. There's going to be some testing involved and some close work with partners to make sure it gets integrated properly so I'm hoping we can do that with some contacts here today".

Daryl Turner - Senior Tech Operations Manage, PPC Creative

Red Kite– Enhancing our Customer Journey with Omni-channel  

"We're currently using a solution outside of Britannic from Cisco but we are looking to move it inhouse with Britannic and we're hoping to install an Omni-channel contact centre solution.

I'm hoping to see how we can move forward in our industry and how we can bring the customer focus more into everything we do and looking to hopefully find a solution to bring into our organisation. 

We have identified a number of pinch points in our customer journey, we want to eliminate that and smooth our customer journey from start to finish so we hope that the good ideas that were shared today, that we can really bring forward some solutions that bring the customer to the centre of what we do".

Ashley Porter - Team Leader, Red Kite Community Housing

The University of Kent - Clearing

Mitel is the contact centre and 8x8 in the DR solution, so obviously if there's a ransomware attack over clearing we would lose a lot of money so we have the 8x8 solution as a fallback. We looked at the situation and said "we don't want to be hit by a ransomware attack" and if we did we'd need something as a backup, that's why we have 8x8 in place.

What we do is we use it for Academics during clearing, they make offers over it, so they basically over clearing put about 250 Academics over it and make offers to students.

The contact centre is purely for clearing to make offers to students, so say a student gets an A and two B's, where we want two A's and a B then the Academic will speak to the student and then they will decide whether they'll give them a place or not. So it's not a case of no you definitely can't have it.

We have 150 agents logged in and we have them hyrbid, some of them working from home and some working in the office so again if there is a powercut or anything we have cover.

I want to listen to see whatever other people have and what the companies do, to be honest it's the first chance I've had to be able to speak to 8x8 I've had the solution for 2 years but I've never spoken to anyone from 8x8.

The 5 years I've been here we've tried to get everything set up so everything works as perfectly as possible and everythings backed up and nothing is redundant".

Richard Charley - Telecoms Manager, The University of Kent